#rawveganJun2018 challenge

Here’s the challenge I kept talking about. The purpose of this one is to figure out what would work for me for a long time. I really want to make it my lifestyle. I created a plan that would work for me based on my past experiences. I have pre-decided what recipes I am making for dinner every day. Continue reading


My vegan journey: Past, present and future …


I was brought up eating dairy on a daily basis. We didn’t eat eggs or meat but we did consume eggs when we ate cakes or bread bought from stores. I dont remember checking ingredients or wondering how they made it when I devoured biscuits or sweets! I can never be that person now 😀 Anyways, I was never too fond of dairy. It kinda gave me a weird sensation. I don’t remember feeling that way with plant food. I think this happened when I was in middle school. A distant relative who is a doctor told me that we don’t need cow’s milk. She reiterated that Cow’s milk is for baby cows! She was so assertive. I was so into what she was talking about. I was all ears 🙂 If I remember it right, this is my first, brief introduction into veganism. This happened in Madukkur, small town in south India. In hindsight, I can’t believe how brave, open and perceptive that lady was. I wish I meet her again. I want to run and proclaim proudly that I am a vegan and I am raising my son vegan 🙂 I want to tell her that she made an impact in me in such a short period. Continue reading

#minimalisticYou challenge

Minimalism is a way of life. I view minimalism as stripping layers off of you until you reach your most basic self. Think of you as a giant onion Winking smile. Peel off your regrets,resentments, guilt, pain of your past. Peel off your fears, insecurities, anxieties of your future. Peel off your jealousy. Peel off your wrong influences. Peel off your limiting beliefs about yourself. Peel off your distractions. Peel off anything that dampens your spirit.

Our house is filled with so much stuff. Our mind is filled with endless task list. I am challenging you to put a pause for a month. Attempt to rekindle your natural perspective which is to live in the moment. Be simple, honest & expressive. Focus on being the happier you! View life with the eyes of a child. Everything around you is magical. You are a magic.StarSunSleeping half-moonRed heartRainbow

Here’s the main rules :

#1 Do not spend on anything except food

#2 Focus on 10 things and that’s it!

#3 No turning back Smile

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