Our trip to Boston …

We went to Boston YAY! I was so looking forward to the trip, so did Dhyan. We used to live in Massachusetts before moving to Texas. Walking the same roads, riding the T; it felt like I was reliving it all with a good friend; I meant, Dhyan. As always, his presence made this trip even more memorable and joyful. BTW, we were tagging along with hubby on his business trip. He was occupied and Dhyan & I got adventurous 🙂 Actually, we went in different planes. In this post, I documented our days, our meals, even the restrooms’ availability which is very important with a diaper free toddler. Continue reading


My potty-training experience …


Hi all, I am running out of people to tell that Dhyan is out of diapers Winking smile I am so proud. Yesterday, I put him down for a nap, and I fell asleep in my room. Dhyan came running without underwear. I groaned and got out of bed. Thankfully I noticed poop in his toilet. Dhyan got out of his bed, removed his underwear, climbed up the toilet, pooped and came running to me! He did it all by himself! Give me a mic and stage please. Let me talk about my amazing son Open-mouthed smile


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