Becoming a postaweek blogger

I have been religiously writing posts every day. I want to switch gears and try posting (at least) once a week for a while. Let me see how it goes. I have been thinking about it for a while. Its about time I do it.

Please let me know if you liked my daily posts.


#LiquidsDetoxwNamagiri update


The challenge went well. I did have cravings but overall it was easier compared to the other one. I have to confess – what I ate was not all organic and I didnt stick to the plan . On Saturday we went with our friends (Silky & family) to watch a stage performance at Artisan theater, Keller which was awesome by the way. After that we went to a restaurant. My husband asked if I would like to have coconut water. I said okay. Later I remembered it was not organic 😉 I did not let it deter/stop me from continuing with the challenge. I also felt like I needed more food at night. So I ate more. Btw, Costco has stopped selling harmless harvest coconut water 😦

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My Ayya…

I have been mentioning about my paternal grandfather quite a bit here. I thought of reposting this post, I wrote a while ago in my Facebook page.


I always tear up whenever I think about him. It hurts deeply. I jotted down as much as I remember about him since I don’t ever want to forget any of it.
Ayya -My sole oasis during my childhood – my safe haven! I couldn’t understand or connect with any of the elders I lived with except for Ayya.
What he did for me, nobody else ever did! He showered me with infinite unconditional love, trust & acceptance that never changed a bit, till his very end. He was so proud of me! I felt free with him – no indifference – no resentment – no condescension – no expectations – no judgements – no manipulations – nothing fake, nada! Ayya treated me with respect. He didn’t hide his imperfections with me. He shared many of his life’s stories with me. And he was always there for me waiting with a smile. He was always honest, real, kind with me.
Me & Ayya
As soon as I call my grandpa, “Ayya!”, I would get an immediate response back – ‘Namagiri’, sometimes -‘Yera?’. I am not sure if I could do justice explaining how much undivided attention he would give me each and every time and how graceful his voice and looks were.
I love to pass time with Ayya. We went to movies together. We shared snacks. Ayya used to tell me stories from his life – how he used to be outside all the time doing business driving around his huge moped; how we used to own a big antique car; how he held on to his money bag tight against his chest until his father showed up, when police confronted him once; how he had to fight for his inheritance, the home we lived. He used to tell me that he could buy so much with 2 Rupees and that now the times have changed. He would appear thoughtful!

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