First year Blog Anniversary!!!

First of all, I apologize for my tone or attitude in my posts if it felt offensive or lacked creativity and serious thought. I was thinking about proof-reading & rewriting all my posts. I am just going to leave it like that.  It felt like too much work. I am just going to say that I am going to try to create mindful , original, content-worthy posts as much as I can. Sometimes I may stray and express strong emotions. I just cant help it!

Blogging is a great sounding board for me! I am not sure if I did justice to myself or to my readers. Sometimes my posts are too short! I don’t work on my posts for weeks as most bloggers do. Most often I get something up within minutes just to make sure I post every week! Actually I am not very happy about it. I am not using this great resource right. I believe I have so much to say. And I am passionate about writing. And I need to designate certain hours every day for blogging just to satisfy my inner child. I blog for myself & no one else!

These are my thoughts for this post. I really like the weekly WordPress photography challenges. I am going to try to capture magnificent pictures . I am going to silently work on longer/ information-intensive articles on topics that interests me and publish them when I am absolutely happy with them after sleeping on them (Since I happen to remember more edits in sleep :)) BTW, I want to do funny/ fictional posts too occasionally.

I also want to publish at a specified day and time every week. This is not a great priority for me but someday I am hoping to do that as well! I guess that will make me feel like Professional Blogger!

Any other suggestions?