Name: Namagiri

Religion: Veganism

What do you love most? My son, Dhyan

What do you hate most? My Regrets.

Why did you start this blog? I wanted to organize my ideas & thoughts. Wanna meet ppl who understand or share my passions. Wanna make good friends… I have had a couple friends ask me what do I feed Dhyan or how do I entertain him and such. I wanna share what’s going on in my life. I wanna be an open book.

If you give me a chair, table, note and a pen and leave me alone, I will keep writing. I always have enjoyed writing. Publishing at least one book has been my goal for as long as I can remember. Hopefully it will happen before I die. It will happen in time. In the meantime, I am sure I will love blogging ❤

What topics will you be writing about? Mostly parenting challenges, recipes that worked for us, product/restaurant/book/movie reviews, anything that I feel like…

How would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?

  • Probably run a marathon or two or a double marathon, I really wanna go for a mud run 🙂 probably a triathlon too
  • Become good at gardening
  • Go rock climbing
  • Host at least one international exchange student
  • Since my son will be in school, become a routine volunteer at the keller animal shelter, attend more vegan events …
  • I would love if I had transformed our life, our home all green by then. Green, eco, vegan living is the way to go.

What will be your most important lesson for Dhyan? Follow your heart ❤

Favorite quote? The most important thing is to never stop questioning – Albert Einstein.

You can reach me @ Namavithra@gmail.com