Dhyan’s smarts, laughs or experiences – #2

  1. These days when Dhyan asks a question or an explanation and understands or is convinced by my response he snaps ‘OK’ audibly and moves on Laughing out loud
  2. My mom made hot porridge for Dhyan. She referred to it as ‘Keul’ in our native tongue. Dhyan replied thoughtfully ‘It is not cool. It is hot!’Smile with tongue outWinking smile
  3. My mom asked Dhyan, ‘Who is Nalini’?’ He responded ‘ Dhyan’s honey!’. BTW, I address Dhyan as Honey and my mom’s name is Nalini. They are kinda rhyming, isn’t it? Smile
  4. I was sitting with the laptop & working in the office for a while. Dhyan came and asked me, ‘Why are you sitting here always? What are you doing?’Thinking smile
  5. If he is imitating someone or if he is trying to avoid a conversation, Dhyan rolls his eyes & looks sideways. Be right backNyah-NyahParty smileJust kidding
  6. We were getting into the car. The door was open for sometime. Dhyan was like ’What are you doing leaving the door open? Close it. Mosquitoes will come inside. Pleaseeeee’ . When everyone were inside, I repeated to everyone everything Dhyan said except for ‘please’. As soon as I was done, Dhyan continued and reminded me what I forgot – ‘pleaseeeee’.Surprised smile
  7. I was sitting on the front steps and Dhyan asked me if he could touch the postbox and I nodded. He uttered ’Postbox is on the road. I cant go’Rolling on the floor laughing
  8. I made banana nice cream. Dhyan ate a few spoons and suggested ‘It’s cold. Can we eat outside in the patio?’Nerd smile
  9. Dhyan was saying something with food in his mouth. I asked him to swallow it and then talk to me. Once he swallowed, I asked him to repeat what he said. He snapped ’It was nothing’. Whaaat?
  10. I always give him few bites to eat. And after he is done, I give him more. The other day I gave him a little more than usual. He was like ‘What are you doing? Dont give more. Give less’.Vampire batRolling on the floor laughing
  11. Dhyan likes to wipe his face on sofa or on the cushions. The other day I made sure to wipe his face, but he quickly took another sip of the milk and ran to the sofa and applied on the pillow. The swiftness at which he does that, whenever he does that, his feet would lift off as he jumps and lands on the sofa, face first.
  12. He got Sharpie all over his fingers. I was trying to wash them off. The marks disappeared under the foam. Dhyan was like ‘It’s hiding’
  13. Dhyan and his cousin Sahiti were eating lollipops. Sahiti started crunching it. Dhyan commented ‘Dont eat it lick it’!

Have a good day!


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