WWAD on July 19, 2017


I was up early. I blogged and blogilated Smile Cassey is so sweet and motivating. Her workouts are hard for me but doable. I used to follow Erin Motz. Pilates is something different and new. I like it better than yoga. I am hoping I will be able to do everything she does and I will not need any equipment. Lets see. I want to get more flexible & workout longer.

I started prepping for our visit to the Watauga library for the Big Truck day! I ate quarter of a big watermelon. I washed apples. I packed the apples, golden milk , half avocado with ice packs, 3 brazil nuts and a couple goji berries and water.

Dhyan has been coughing the past few days. I gave him colloidal silver. I gave him only the suggested amount. But after more googling, I am planning to use it only when he gets high fever. I just gave him few drops of ACV with water. I fed Dhyan pancakes with agave and gave him a gummy reading his books. We started earlier. There was construction going on and we had to take a detour. We visited the library, played in the park, saw all the trucks. Dhyan was aboard a school bus, limousine, ambulance, mobile police station, police bike for the first time. It was very hot and Dhyan got tired but we did okay. We rested in the shade under the trees and played in the sand. I guess that was Dhyan’s favorite part Smile Then we left. Dhyan’s cousins and aunts are visiting us today. I planned some meals and bought needed items from Sprouts. He grabbed YumEarth Lollipop from near the counter. He licked it, crunched it and had loads of fun eating it. Then we were home.

We bathed and put away groceries. I fed Dhyan rice porridge & yogurt and made him nap. I gobbled watermelon. I signed up to try taekwondo for Dhyan. I called them & canceled it. He woke up in less than 2 hours looking mad. He was angry because I forced him to nap! If he doesn’t nap, he is cranky for the rest of the day! I have started making sure he naps at least for 30 minutes.

I made banana nice cream and we all enjoyed in the patio killing mosquitoes with bat Winking smile We played the game of matching uppercase and lowercase alphabets from A to M using flash cards. He wasn’t focused if I asked him to do all at once. I split them like A to E, F to I, J to M. It worked Smile Then we traced vertical lines. I held his hand while doing the same. He does it by himself too. Then we did some coloring. Then I joined him in free form play following his lead. I cleaned upstairs. I have to clean downstairs next. I got a call from Ravi anna. I never thought I would get brothers after marriage. They are the best. I am a happy sis Smile

Dhyan ate snacks of his choice – some pistachios, cashews, puffs, lara bar. He seem to have lost interest in Kind bar. Then after 6, I started cooking dinner. Dhyan & I gobbled peanuts & Mary’s gone crackers Everything pretzels. I made coconut chutney and Wheat Idlies.

I had irobot running. I was moving him around. Then we slept.


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