Few WordPress tips for a new blogger…

I am relatively a new blogger. I wish I knew these earlier. They have made my blogging experience lot more comfortable than it ever was!

My best blogging tip  – I use Open Live Writer on my Windows 10 Surface! Open Live Writer has a Word like interface. I am a Windows person BTW. I get to click floppy disk save, undo, redo icons, can use Find feature, do select all, use font & paragraph formatting, tabs & many more. I missed you! BTW It doesn’t save my draft automatically! I wish they automate Save feature every few minutes.

With Open Live Writer, I draft, watermark pics all in one place. I cant even tell you how difficult watermarking used to be. It doesn’t seem to save my watermark settings though. I wish they add this too and also provide opacity feature. My pictures can be opened in a new page & zoomed inSmile I just add a picture and it shows the settings to crop or rotate or to add watermark and many more. You can make these settings pop any time just by clicking on the picture. Easy Peasy!

They have emoticons too – lots of them! I used to search for emoticon keyboard shortcuts. I don’t have to do it anymoreBe right back It says I can attach video as well. Not sure if my free WordPress account will allow too. Got to try! Anyways, wherever I go, my Surface will follow Smile I love Hutch Dog Ads.  I digress.

You can edit again after you publish posts from Open Live Writer & click publish again.

Some of my other tips –

  • I like to show my best pic, if any at the top of my post and use the HTML More tag below. Readers can click to continue reading if they wish!
  • I have learnt to use the Spell Check before publishing the post
  • I really like how I can schedule my posts. In the future, I would like to get into a routine of working on multiple drafts and schedule them to get published at the same time every day! That will be so cool. I haven’t scheduled from Open Live Writer yet.
  • I have learnt to use categories, tags & appropriate blog titles. My commonly used tags are postaday & using tags related to post content or just repeat the post title as tag again.
  • I really like the Quote feature to highlight the main topic.
  • I publicize all my posts here. I started using Twitter when I was promoting my giveaway & I think its cool.
  • I like to italicize keywords.


These are my top tips I have learnt after four months of blogging on WordPress. They have helped me so much.

Will you share your best WordPress tip?


Let me know your thoughts ...

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