Dhyan’s snack shelves

I have been meaning to write about this for a while. I have designated snack areas in the kitchen for my son. These are the snacks that I usually always have. I am going to keep replenshing them.

Here’s what we have in his frozen shelf


  • Coconut milk . I found it in costco. This is awesome. I have finally found his milk. I still use hemp milk in pancakes though.
  • Vanilla yogurt. This brand is his favorite.  It has good probiotics. He did not like the others I tried.
  • Peanut butter . Sometimes he eats straight from the jar.

Here’s his pantry area-

image_1 (4).jpg

  • Nuts. I am always going to keep cashews. This brand is raw and organic.
  • Unique sprouted puffs or pretzels
  • Lara bar cashew
  • Pop corn
  • Kind fruit bar . He tasted one and liked it. I bought a big package from Costco. These are Non-gmo and just pressed fruit 🙂

Why do I like this?

  • Its empowering. ‘Dhyan are you hungry? You can choose from your fridge or pantry shelf.’ I control the quantity and will ask him to choose a different one if he wants more.
  • I have a hungry toddler.
  • I want to always keep healthy snacks at hand.

For Savor


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