daily word: Bumble and tailor

20170714_072516 (1).jpg

I  always used to Bumble around. I lacked clarity of thought & expression or purpose or commitment. And I have come a long way. I speak up to people. I am honest & grateful & loyal, committed, determined, puposeful. The main catalyst for this change is I want to be someone that I want Dhyan to be. I want him to be real. I also don’t want to have any more regrets in my life.

I always didn’t have a good relationship with my parents. I did not always express what I am going through & they didn’t seem to understand either. My parents have been staying with us since last month . And the other night (7/11), I opened up to them and poured out to them. This may sound like nothing. But this is my first time opening up to them without worrying or fearing what they will think or say or giving in. It went on for hours. Yeah, we argued. In ways, I feel better. I also dont expect anything to change. I may not do it again – not to this extent. I hate arguing! Anyways, It helped ease the tension between us.

And did I mention they brought my grandfather ring here? I have been asking for it for a while. It’s my lucky charm I guess. Its been Tailored to fit my finger.

Sometimes the new ME feels like a whole new person 🙂


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