Dhyan’s smarts, laughs or experiences – #1

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Meet my son, my inspiration. Watching him grow up and change is awe-inspiring. I have been sharing my excitement & wonder in Facebook ever since his birth. I want to continue doing so in this series of posts. BTW, three year olds are amazing. His clarity of thought, expression & communication skills amaze me everyday. Did I mention, he is becoming super duper  mischievous 😉

  1. These days when someone asks his age, he says three and emphasizes the same! He is only 2 and he already wishes to be 3 ! Only 3 more months to go, honey 🙂
  2. I insisted that he wear beach cap in Florida when we were outdoors. Once we were aboard the Dolphin cruise and Dhyan was removing his cap. I repeated that it needs to stay on. Dhyan pointed to the roof and said that it’s covered and that we don’t need a cap 😉
  3. We were at a shop and they had lots of wind spinners . Dhyan was on cloud nine. He realized that they rotated faster if he placed them under the AC vent. A shopper was commenting ‘He knows what he is doing’ 🙂
  4. He couldn’t wait to get into our flight, as we were waiting at the gate at the Dallas airport. He kept asking the people at the gate if he could go. Finally when it was time & the lady who was announcing it, couldn’t control her laugh when she saw Dhyan 🙂
  5. When I use lip balm, Dhyan wants to wear it too. He will admire his reflection afterward. The other day after I let him use the lip balm, I tried to apply moisturizer to his face. He stopped me saying that if I apply moisturizer, the lip balm will disappear! I told him that I will take care not to. After I applied the moisturizer, he quickly asked me looking concerned ‘Is the lip balm still there?’ & checked the mirror 😉
  6.  Sometimes he wouldn’t let me change his diaper. The other day I was distracting him as I changing his diaper. I was saying ‘Where do we put the diaper? Do we wear it in our head?’ That’s it. Dhyan got really mad & upset and shouted ‘Stop it!’. He considered it disrespectful & he told me that I have to be in a timeout since I treated him like a baby!!
  7. We dont have a door for the bath tub in the Master bath downstairs. I let him only use the bath tub upstairs. Sometimes when we are close to nap time or if I am tired, I explain or distract him to get him into the shower in the Master bath. The other day, a little after I distracted him & as he was showering, he asked me, ‘Mom why didn’t you let me take bath in bath tub upstairs? Why?’ 😀 He just wanted to know the reason & yes I explained 🙂
  8. I knew he was too tired and I pushed him to nap yesterday. He napped close to 3 hours. When he woke up, he looked cranky & unhappy. He was muttering ‘No more nap!’ and was repeating ‘I am done with sleeping’ 😀
  9. Dhyan enjoyed beach like anything. I didn’t expect that. He was running into the water and wanted to go deep inside. He doesn’t have fear at all. He always wants to touch all creepy crawlies. Once, we were aboard the Ferris wheel at the Kellerfest & Dhyan pointed at the door and said that he would like to get out & fly! Today he pointed at the well in a book and that he wanted to go deep inside it. He wants to go to all depths and corners of the world , deep into the oceans! I want  you to, honey 🙂 Don’t lose your Grit ever. He has started asking me verbatim ‘I want to go Soccer classes and Swimming classes’ 🙂
  10. The other day, I was driving and Dhyan was asking for something and I didn’t respond right away. Dhyan repeated his question and asked clearly, ‘Mom Did you hear what I said? ‘
  11. My mom and Dad are here. They were looking at the bird feeder and they were saying that sparrows are here. He corrected them saying ‘ They are not sparrows; they are titmice’ 😉

Will be back with more 🙂


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