Our Trip to Florida

I am still struggling to eat well & plan well when on the move with a toddler. I noted down as much as I can all that I packed (also those I missed b). Although this is tailored towards a beach vacation, I think this will come in handy every time we travel.

To do before

  • Visit Indian store
  • Get eyebrow threading done
  • Transfer all photos and videos from phone and camera to mac
  • Add seeds to bird feeder
  • Schedule sprinklers and set up soaker hose around veggie garden
  • Empty compost bin and wash & leave it to dry outside
  • Go to target or from amazon – buy travel size toiletries if needed like shampoo, body wash, toner & Virgin coconut oil sachets from trader joe’s
  • Talk with rental property owner to find out what all he provides
  • Use tape  to seal all liquids & creams
  • Find vegan/raw vegan restaurants near by.

What to pack

  • Aloe vera cream
  • Baby monitor – have to be fixed
  • Beach hat
  • Beach sandals
  • Beach toys – take a lot & frisbee & float
  • MOM – Book, magazines
  • Buy travel Booster seat or buy from local walmart & return – important
  • Clothes for beach, night & day wear
  • Dad – deo & face cream
  • Dhyan fever kit JIC – Essential oils, ibuprofen, silver, thermometer
  • Diapers – swim, day & night
  • Flight blanket, play doh MUST, videos downloaded, snacks MUST & drink MUST
  • Floss
  • Hair brushes
  • mom Hair cream
  • homemade body butter for D
  • mom hair accessories – scrunchies , hair clip , hair band
  • mom hair rollers
  • mom hair towel
  • mom toner cleanser lip balm eye stuff
  • nail clippers for Dhyan & us
  • Night lamp for Dhyan’s room ?
  • Old brush JIC
  • One good book for Dhyan
  • Paste for D and us
  • Phones and chargers
  • scissors & tape
  • Shaving stuff for hubbs & me
  • MOM – Shower cap
  • small pressure cooker, grater, peeler, D spoons
  • Snacks – larabar, pretzels, pistachios, cashews, dates
  • spices – mustard, cumin, urad, channa, turmeric, jaggery, red chillies, peanuts , cashews, chilli powder, rasam powder, salt, sevai, poha, sundal, sona masoori rice, toor dal, upma rava
  • Stainless steel pan and cover & mixing spoon
  • sun glasses
  • Sunscreens waterproof & stick
  • surface or Laptop MUST for blogging
  • Swim suits
  • Tongue cleaner
  • Tooth brush
  • Beach bag
  • water bottle steel
  • MOM – Jogging suit Shoes & clothes & earphones
  • Camera & charger MUST wanna take effort to click good pictures

What to cook

image_1 (3)

  • Pasta
  • Rice podi
  • Rice pappu ( dal & veggie/greens)
  • Mixed veg rice
  • soup ?
  • grilled/ oven roasted veggies
  • tortilla noodles (mission whole wheat)
  • lemon sevai
  • poha
  • Bread & PB (dave’s killer bread)
  • lots of fruits & healthy snacks
  • sundal
  • popcorn
  • Upma

Buy in FL

  • Oil
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Tortillas
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • lemon
  • Jalapenos
  • lots of healthy snacks from the list
  • Dave’s Killer bread
  • PB
  • Mission whole wheat tortillas
  • tomatoes

What I realized

  • I couldn’t stay green. I was using a lot of plastic water bottles. I am gonna invest in a travel filter. Gotta research. I need to take reusable bags.
  • I hated that I couldn’t compost. What to do when traveling?
  • I need to keep mosquito repellent in diaper bag
  • Although the beach was walk-able from where we stayed, we realized it will be nice to have beach view without leaving the house.
  • I have to learn how to build a tall sand tower 😉
  • I need to make it to Sunrise & sunset!
  • Drive to nearest grocery at your earliest. Buy lots of fruits n veggies n greens

Few things to remember

  • Have a beach bag – Toys, sunscreen, towel, new trouser for D, Ziplock bag to keep anything safe from water, float or ball, chair, snacks, water, beach hat, sun glasses
  • Don’t remove anything from the beach bag. Leave it in a corner
  • Dry the beach clothes in sun or dryer asap

About Treasure Island

image_1 (2)

  • Water in the beach was warm always!
  • There are a lot of shells!
  • They have raw vegan restaurants! I ate once at an organic raw vegan restaurant not exactly in Treasure island though. But I was literally jumping with excitement 😀
  • We were mostly at the beach. Dhyan had a great time. I couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying the beach. He had absolutely no fear & wanted to run into the waters. He has started asking me for swimming lessons!

Looking forward to my next vacation.


Let me know your thoughts ...

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