How did I promote my giveaway …


I want to quickly jot down the important ways that helped promote my giveaway, so I will remember to use these during my next one! I think whatever I did worked – my giveaway post has maximum views at this point.

  • I met Diane via a vegan group. I was fortunate to try her products. I thought she and her products were amazing. I asked her if she would want to do a giveaway on my blog and if it would help her. She was excited. Thats how it all started.
  • I really liked using the Text widget so the details about the giveaway will always be in the home page. It will be nice if it will blink. Can something like that be done?
  • I also liked the countdown timer which I added to the text widget.
  • I searched ‘Friends who live in the USA’ in Facebook and messaged everyone individually the details about the giveaway. I don’t think the list included everyone. Next time may be, I will quickly scroll through my friends’ list and message anyone I am sure lives in the US. I will not send a mass message.
  • I sent individual SMS to my mobile contacts.
  • I forgot about my Gmail contacts. I will send individual emails next time.
  • I liked how I had Diane capture photos of the gift from different angles. Diane used her professional photographer and the pictures came out great.
  • I shared in Facebook  both on Diane & my wall & on the local mom & vegan groups that I am part of & on Instagram (both our accounts).
  • I also created a twitter account. I have linked the blog. Now all my posts will be publicized there. Please follow if you like. Next time I will probably tweet often about the giveaway.
  • I reminded about the giveaway a couple times in my posts
  • I created a Hashtag for my giveaway – #scentsofsummerGiveaway
  • I also tagged my giveaway post as – #sweepstakes, #competition, #win, #giveaway, #contest
  • I promoted my giveaway in a couple sites. Only a few responded. And I didnt want to pay for it.  I will use the following sites next time –, giveaway monkey,, sweeties sweeps and bloggy giveaway.
  • I wrote my guest post around the same time. It helped bring more readers to my blog.
  • When I clicked on the name of the winner, it took me to her facebook page. So I messaged her and got an immediate response. First its loads of fun to tell someone firsthand that they have won and second I like to keep the ball rolling . Next time I will ask them to share some contact info if possible.

PS This is my 100th post 🙂


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