#LiquidsDetoxwNamagiri update


The challenge went well. I did have cravings but overall it was easier compared to the other one. I have to confess – what I ate was not all organic and I didnt stick to the plan . On Saturday we went with our friends (Silky & family) to watch a stage performance at Artisan theater, Keller which was awesome by the way. After that we went to a restaurant. My husband asked if I would like to have coconut water. I said okay. Later I remembered it was not organic 😉 I did not let it deter/stop me from continuing with the challenge. I also felt like I needed more food at night. So I ate more. Btw, Costco has stopped selling harmless harvest coconut water 😦

It is suggested you don’t do a juice fast for more than once in 6 months. This is not exactly a juice fast but still I will be  repeating a modified version of this only once every 6 months. I will let you know the exact date as it gets closer – may be within a month or so.. The next detox will be around December ? I like this December – June – December – June cycle Detox!

I have eating disorder. I am a vegan but not a healthy one. I binge eat Snacks. When I have a snack around,  I just can’t stay away. I yield to the Magnetic pull! Attempting challenges like this are helping me big time because Iam someone who can do going cold turkey but cant do portion control . First its more than okay to binge eat raw bounty and second slowly you dont crave junk food. And hear from me, it works! I am already doing better. Although I was on a raw vegan diet, I still managed to cook for my family without even tasting food. I notice I have higher energy levels and pleasant demeanor during these days.

What changes I will make in the future?

I will not be doing this in the weekend – where there’s a high chance to get tempted when we are outdoors and I want to eat what my family eats. And Yes, it will be raw & organic. Yes, it will be for only 3 days! I have highlighted the changes below.

  • I will start my day with a small glass of warm water. I will squeeze some lime juice & grate some lime rind in it. I will follow up with plain water just to help my tooth enamel.
  • I will make a big smoothie – 1/2 avocado, bananas, spirulina, 2 drops of ACV, berries or any other fruits & good load of greens. I will blend with required water
  • I will then sip on 3 daily greens juice of 12 oz and one buddha brew kombucha slowly all day.
  • Snack on a big bowl of fruits and/or a smoothie for dinner. 
  • Unplug at 10  & listen to a 15 minute meditation using earphones.

I am loving these challenges.


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