A joy forever #scentsofsummerGiveaway

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Meet an amazing friend of mine – Diane Seimetz ! In fact we have been just virtual friends for not so long. But we are so much alike. I know that our skin absorbs whatever we put on it and whatever products we use around our home. That’s one of the main reasons for me working on going green. Diane has suffered from lupus for decades and she lost her husband at a very young age. Being a single mom & with the awareness about how important health is, she started making her own soaps, shampoos & what not with 100% vegan, organic, natural ingredients that’s good for you and for the planet 🙂 I love chatting with her. She shares about different products she likes not just her own!

I was fortunate to try her lip balms, hand soap, whipped sun butter. Dhyan loved her orange soapsicle. It makes me smile every time I use her products. They are way better and effective than anything I have tried. Her lip balms moisturize my lips intensely and adds a glow & lovely tint! Dhyan wears it too 🙂 I will always buy lip balms from her. She put together foaming hand soap with my favorite scents – Lavendar & lemongrass! It was awesome! And yes, you can let her know your scentepreferences & she will put it together for you. And her sun butter is the best I have ever used! It has SPF 40. It goes on smooth & leaves no whitish residue. It looks so good & creamy. I am worried if I will end up eating it 😉 Same goes for her orange soapsicle that my son uses. It looked and smelled heavenly & I was worried if Dhyan will eat it :D. I had to be extra cautious. I can’t wait to try her shampoos, insect repellent & everything she offers. Here sharing one of her recent testimonials.


Currently she sells at hand made fairs and directly. This is her website. She is on  Instagram & Facebook. I asked her a few questions. Read her answers.

What is the best way to reach you and buy? Right now, via direct message on Instagram as well as info@ajoyforever.com

Can you share how did you learn this craft? – First, I spent about two years studying what was toxic/should be avoided about commercial bath and body products. Then I collected simple, clean recipes for basic everyday items like moisturizers, shampoo, facial cleansers. After that, I researched the best sources for organic, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients from trusted companies with long-standing, excellent reputations. I tried hundreds of variations on themes, with plenty of failures along the way. My husband would occasionally smell like a fresh flower garden, but overall, he was pretty cool being one of my primary testers 🙂

Can you share the source of the ingredients you use? I buy from several places. To name a few, I use a European imported, cruelty and fragrance free castile soap. I get my Shea butter from Fairtaleghana. I love it and oils are from Radha.

Can you share a recipe, may be for your foaming hand soap ? Sure! For one bottle, 12 oz. distilled water, 1/8 c. organic castle soap, 1/2-1 t. camellia seed oil or plant oil of your choice, 15-20 drops organic essential oils of your choice. I like lavender and eucalyptus plus a little lemon. Wild orange and tea tree is a nice combination. Have fun!

How to know your next events ? I post them on Facebook and IG, and I send notices to my customers by email.

Now to the best part – Much awaited Giveaway Details!

What does the winner get? 


A Strawberry Shower Frosting, Roses and Peonies and Desire Skin Satin, Strawberry Fields Lip Balm, Roses and Peonies Shower Frosting, In a Lather Shower Gel, Soak It In Bath Salts and a Razzleberry Soap Bar! Total retail value is 40 dollars!

To enter to win a chance to win this fabulous summer collection, simply leave a comment on this post before the clock strikes midnight on next wednesday (CST) telling me your name & your most helpful beauty tip.

Contest is open to all US residents. Only one comment per person.

You can follow my blog & Diane on Facebook and Instagram, if you want, but it’s not necessary. I would appreciate if you share or blog about this giveaway #scentsofsummerGiveaway and again, it’s not mandatory either.

Contest will run through next Wednesday night and I’ll pick a winner through random.org Thursday morning. Be sure to check back to see if you won… otherwise I’m keeping them all for myself 😉 See ya!

For Sunny

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  1. My beauty tip is olive oil, or coconut oil can be used. I do not wash my face with soap no longer. Soap always dried out my skin and caused acne. I’ve been using olive oil for going on a year now and my skin stays soft and hydrated, my acne has cleared up, and I know it’s protecting me from unnecessary wrinkles since it’s packed with lots of antioxidants and good stuff. I now only use concealer under my eyes for the dark circles

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