Dhyan’s getting a Hair Cut at Snip-Its, Southlake

Remembered I promised photography posts. Here’s my first one.

Dhyan’s cuteness quadraples in a few situations like when he gets a haircut. I don’t know how he sits through it. He looks adorable wearing the cape & patiently obliging the stylist work on his hair. I took a few shots during his hair cut today … Here we go.

Dhyan haircut 11image_2Dhyan haircut 8image_4image_5image_1 (1)image_2 (1)image_3 (1)image_4 (1)image_5 (1)20170626_125834


This is my first time at Snip-Its. This is far closer to our home than our usual place.  You don’t need to schedule an appointment! Dhyan loved the train table and was playing with it for a while. Since this is my first time, Gloria the manager, charged me 10 dollars. Actual price is $18.99. She also handed over to me, three 5$ off coupons for future use. Every thursday, they offer 5$ off haircuts. If you have a KAM membership, you get 20% off. You can’t combine coupons though. The other place we used to go charged us 20 dollars every time. Now I can easily save 5 dollars by making sure to visit Snip-Its on Thursdays!

Gloria said that they haven’t gotten busy yet. I told her I will blog about this place. She was so happy & thanked me 🙂

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