Family tree and origami

image_1 (2).jpg

Along with Dhyan , I sat down and created this family tree. I told him how grandpa and grandma loved each other,married and had kids. How Aunt and uncle fell in love, married and cousins came into being and so on. After we were done, Dhyan solemnly asked, ‘What about the neighbors?’ 😉 Sweet kid. Family tree is a great way to help a toddler understand members in the family, how they are related, marriage, aunts, uncles, cousins and so much more.

To make a paper figure for all of us, I made sorta like a gingerman chain and separated them. I was so excited about how easy it was that I made a few more. Dhyan loved it too.


It is very simple and fun. Check out this cool youtube video – Unlike them, I drew an outline first and then worked my scissors.




Let me know your thoughts ...

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