Time for updates again and Giveaway!


Should I save the best for last? No, I am not someone who can do that. So here it is – I am going to be throwing my first giveaway in a week! The lucky winner will be receiving a handmade summer collection put together by an awesome friend of mine, Diane Seimetz. Ready to be pampered? More details coming soon. Stay tuned and share.


I am starting my liquids detox challenge this saturday. This will be my last remainder. I am looking forward to it. Hoping some of you will join me. I will sure let you know how it went.

Raw Vegan by day

I am going to be a raw vegan by day & a vampire by night 😀 Sorry I couldn’t stop myself from typing that. Did I crack you up? I am planning to stick to a raw vegan diet, preferably organic during the day. After 6 PM and till 10, I can eat anything, vegan of course. I am not going to strictly follow this. I will not be doing this during vacations or when guests are around or weekends or during holidays or when I or someone is sick in the family. But my typical weekday menu will be raw vegan 🙂 I am excited about this. I will try to do a WWAD post soon.


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I remembered that I never updated about my garden. The plants seem to be thriving. I may have lost a few of the seedlings 😦 . I am taking care of them everyday.  I see flowers in cucumber plants 🙂 We are going to transplant tomato plants this weekend. Actually I would have done it last week. Jyothsna, a friend of mine suggested that I need to adjust them to the new environment slowly or some may die. She also suggested that I need to water the plants slowly especially the little ones.

I moved the container and left in the shade outside. After two days, I am planning to move it under the sun. Then in the weekend we intend to transplant. I also heard that tomato & basil grow well together. My friend Sheila grows some great basil plants. She asked me to take some. She also suggested tomato , basil, cheese tastes great with balsamic vinegar. She asked me try it with soft tofu instead 🙂 Cant wait to try!


Yes, I am officially the proud owner of vitamix. I am planning to post a simple recipe soon.


We are going to Florida in 2 weeks. I am so excited for Dhyan. He is big enough and will be thrilled to fly, to play at beach. Life is a wonder with a kid.



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