Tips to keep sanity in check for moms …

I do regular cleaning . This is what I do every day

  • Every morning I unload dishwasher. Actually Dhyan has been helping me do this even before he could stand. I remember the first time when he slowly lifted a clean dish looking worried about what I will say. It melted my heart ❤ I understood that he wanted to help and he was waiting for my approval. Isn’t he awesome? Thankfully, I did not freak out and I appreciated him and taught him how. He will slowly take the china and glass dishes and sort or stack the cups. He will grab his stool to get the items from the top rack. Sorry I digressed. It is too cute to watch him help me with dishwasher.
  • I make sure to keep my kitchen sink empty as much as I can. I hand wash where appropriate. I just remove the food scraps and place the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
  • I turn on the dishwasher once at night.  It’s just the 3 of us – running once is enough for us. Even if the entire dishwasher is not full, I make sure to run either top or bottom rack. I want clean dishes next morning.
  • I put things away as much as possible. BTW, I try not to do this often. I don’t strive for perfection. I seek Dhyan’s help in doing this. He is great at cleaning up.
  1. Let things go –
    • I used to sort, disinfect! and store his toys. I felt it was wasted effort. I have stopped doing that. I just throw in the bins or in a corner as appropriate.
    • He has a dedicated play area upstairs. I don’t clean there at all unless I am vacuuming or I am having guests.
  2. I plan exhaustively the previous night for the next day IN ONE PLACE.
    • what to cook for hubbs, me & Dhyan
    • what to teach/play or where to take Dhyan
    • Any other tasks that I need to complete/focus on
  3. I try not to do a lot in one day. I think this deserves its own bullet.
  4. Its very important for me that Dhyan eats good food. It affects my mood otherwise. I make sure of it.
  5. Unplug. Make sure to stay full, well rested. Stay fit. This is one of my problem areas
  6. I try to make Dhyan nap. I try not to force. Depending on his nap time, he will go to bed anywhere between 7 and 9 PM. I also make sure that he sleeps alone. I am very strict about that. It helps me complete few tasks or rest when he sleeps
  7. I try not to make appointments as much as I can. It depends on when Dhyan wakes up, when he eats etc.. etc.. I feel rushed – I don’t do well under pressure. I want to let Dhyan be at this young age as much as I can.
  8. I try not to buy a lot of stuff. Clutter hurts sanity!
  9. I try to reason, explain myself ,  talk elaborately & reconnect with Dhyan as much as I can calmly instead of yelling or forcing or manipulating or threatening. I use sorry, please & thank you. If he is happy, I am happy! I am trying to be the mom as I wrote here.
  10. I encourage Dhyan to go upstairs and play alone. I celebrate him later. Actually I try to speak highly of him to his dad every day in front of him.
  11. I try to give instructions to Dhyan every damn time before the event- say, hold hands before crossing the road, do not scream or be patient when outdoors, you have to give the present to the birthday girl when we reach etc…
  12. I try not to interfere in Dhyan’s undertakings as much as I can. I try my best not to Meddle
  13. We both get stir crazy. We love outdoors. If we can’t step out, we at least go to our yard every day.
  14. I try to keep promises. I don’t talk nonsense. I treat him respectfully as much as possible. I want him to have a social life. I try to set up play dates at least once a week. I want to continue with Soccer, a team sport. Spending time with like-minded, loving friends is very important for sanity
  15. Your happiness is very important. Do things that make you happy. Stay away from people who dont treat you well. Be honest about your feelings. You are what you are.
  16. Spend time to learn about or do things that are very important to you since Knowledge helps sanity. For me these are the ones –  positive discipline, green living, raw vegan living

Hope this was helpful. See ya!


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