What will I do if I have magic!

My top 10 wishes in no particular order-

  1. I would wave the wand to make my hair to always look like that of a Disney princess. I would choose between Merida and Elsa. It’s really a hard decision 😉
  2. Sorry, this is emotional. I would travel back in time and express gratitude to my dear grandfather ‘Thank you for treating me well & thanks for listening & understanding. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for your unconditional love & support’. I would love to see his reaction after I said that. There was no one else like him for me growing up. It is one of my biggest regrets for not expressing to Ayya how much his actions meant to me.
  3. Then again if I could travel back in time, I would definitely talk to my younger self. This is what I will say, ‘Live a purposeful, meaningful life. Let go of fear. Be honest, loyal & expressive. Fight for your happiness. And don’t play dumb. Own your life!’
  4.  I would kill Hitler before his first kill! I feel tormented about what he did! And, I love and adore Anne Frank. I would love to save her.
  5. I would give myself powers. I would love to fly or be somewhere incredibly fast. I would help people.
  6. I would give myself good instincts & mountain loads of patience. I want to be a great mom for Dhyan. I need those.
  7. I would make myself an expert in raw vegan cooking. I would cook drool-worthy, delectable raw vegan meals every day.
  8. I would live in a place surrounded by tall trees, mountains & river. I would go for a hike every morning  and enjoy beautiful views from the mountaintop. And then I will dive into river & take a bath. I would have a huge organic garden in my back yard with surplus & juicy produce. I would pluck straight from the plants and eat to my heart’s content.
  9. I will teach myself animal tongue. I will talk to them, help them & live with them. Dhyan will play with all animals day and night.
  10. I am a big fan of Bruce lee. I will meet him 🙂 oh how did I forget I will see dinosaurs!


I nominate all of you to do a similar post – ‘What will be the top 10 things you will do if you have magic?’ And don’t forget to tag me in the post. If you are not a blogger, use my comments section.

Bye for now.



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