5 tips to kick start green living …

1. Go organic ….

Yes . Try to buy everything organic and not just produce! You are helping yourself, your family, your environment, your posterity, the Earth. What more can I say?

Organic is not expensive. I believe we can find ways to make it work or affordable say, for example by getting a Costco membership or allotting more budget for this! All it needs is a commitment believing at heart that it’s the way to live!

2. Do composting

Yes, throw all your food scraps in the compost so they don’t end up in the landfill. Its very easy to do. It’s cycle of life. Your garden will grow better with homemade organic compost and you will not feel guilty when your produce spoils ! Again, you are helping the earth by recycling and earth loves compost – Yes, Earth told me 🙂

3. Use stuff that lasts a long time / reusable / minimize waste

Use reusable bags, reusable kitchen towels, reusable containers & pouches, laundry balls  etc.. etc..

Don’t sacrifice health though: Try to avoid plastic, go for glass. Try to avoid non-stick, go for cast iron.

Wash and Reuse until it lasts!

4. DIY

Try to make or do things yourself. Yes you can. According to me, I whip up a great body butter. It has helped my son a lot. I will share the recipe later.

I wanted a learning tower for my son. It was close to 200 bucks online. We could afford it. But my husband wanted to take that project and built one for around 30 bucks! If something happens to it, which I anticipate soon knowing how Dhyan is using it like a jungle gym 😉 , hubby will build it in a snap!

How does this help earth? When I cook recipes or make products myself I know what goes in – I don’t use any artificial stuff! Its all natural & organic! I re-use stuff. Hubby re-used some of the stuff at home & borrowed some equipment to built the learning tower. We minimized waste. Another best thing to do yourself – grow your own produce!

5. Donate

We over the years do buy stuff that we don’t need. Don’t throw it or keep it either! Donate it or let friends borrow or whatever – there may be people who really need it! I schedule  donation pickups or I drive to Goodwill or use drop-off boxes.I try to go around the house and find unwanted/unused stuff  at least once a month. Btw, Becoming a member a Buy Nothing group is highly recommended. I am proud to be a local admin. Someday I will write about it.

Hope this was helpful.



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