Comparing the places I often shop at … Just for fun :)


 Amazon! My score – 9.5/10

What will I do without Amazon ! I love them. I have been their customer for years. Their customer service is amazing. Whenever I have a issue, they resolve it professionally & promptly. I love amazon prime, prime now, prime music, subscribe & save. I have the Amazon chase card & I use it on all my purchases & get 5% returns. I love how easy it is to change or cancel orders or to return items. BTW ibotta includes Amazon now! I have to go to Amazon from ibotta. It’s very hard to remember it though! They are always available via chat or email or phone! BTW, all the stores I compare here are in ibotta.

Where they can improve/What I miss –

  • I forget to use Amazon Smile 😦
  • They used to have a free UPS returns pickup right at my doorstep. They seem to no longer have it. I drop off at my closest USPS. This is not a huge deal . But I enjoyed the luxury 😉
  • Very rarely, I find something interesting to watch among the free prime videos!
  • They have such a huge merchandise. They could include quality or grade or equivalent criteria to help people find products, say I am looking for essential oils – something like young living or doterra will have a higher grade than others. Foods or products that are organic or raw or cold-pressed should have higher grades as well.
  • Since there are many retailers selling the same product, it will be convenient to show which retailer has the lowest price for that product. But this I understand is too complicated to implement!
  • They could work on the search results too – it’s too long & very hard to find stuff & includes irrelevant ones too.
  • When we are looking at a product and there is going to be a flash sale or something soon on the same, it will be awesome if they display that on the product page! I look at the sales or deals very rarely!
  • You can’t return after return window is closed! Update – Actually when we missed the return window recently, I decided to  ask them, they gave me a one-time exception and accepted the return 😮


COSTCO My score – 9/10

I love Costco. I bought close to 90% of my stuff from Costco when I did my first detox. They do have a lot of  good stuff – not just in store but online too. I just got my Vitamix that I ordered online. And they accept returns any time – Cant beat  Costco at this. Btw, they mentioned that they will not be able to sell the returned item if we remove the price tag ! They still accept the return though. I also love the fact that I don’t have to remember to clip coupons from the coupon book or use an app when I am at the cashier and it is automatically applied! I don’t know why some stores do this – why not make it simple? I haven’t used it much but online search tool seems to be more helpful and enhanced than Amazon! We get 2% annual return once a year – simple right?

We love our Costco trips. You get to sample foods. You get to see entire pizza making through the transparent door! Dhyan loves the sauce dispenser. Emily a friend of mine told me how for 25 cents you could watch the entire mechanics at the water bottle vending machine! Dhyan loves that! Jump for fun or trampoline park are very close. We always visit either of those along with Costco in one trip. We fill gas at Costco!


Where they can improve

  • There are not many available in store to help you to find products or answer your questions! They are very bad at this, compared to other stores.
  • Wish they had a dressing room. Since they sell a lot of clothes, this could help their customers.
  • Amazon website has a lot of reviews. There aren’t many here. I guess that is because there are not many users. I think when that happens, the number of products available online will also increase.
  • Their online customer service needs to be improved. I get a detailed answer promptly from Amazon. But not so much from Costco Online.
  • They do not have chat or call 24 * 7.
  • I also don’t think you can do order changes as easily as with Amazon here after you place an order.
  • It will be awesome if the gas station is open 24*7


Target My Score – 4.5/10

I like the Target card & 5% returns. You can return an item for almost a year and you don’t need to save the receipt! I remember once when I returned an item without a receipt, they patiently & professionally tried to look for the receipt  or product info, for a long while!They have a good 24*7 chat service and they assist well if I need help at the store as well. With the Cartwheel app, I can save extra! I received Target online order very fast at standard shipping. I enjoyed more buying online than at store. I was able to check the reviews, compare products and I was easily able to return items that I didn’t like at the store.

Where they can improve/ what I need to do

  • I always forget to use cartwheel app! Why not make it simple – all in one place?
  • I am not sure if you could return any time like at Costco
  • You cant easily do order changes after you place an order. You need to call or chat with them
  • I don’t go there much. Wish they were closer to my home. I need to try to include it in my trip like I do for Costco.
  • I hate that they won’t give me an add-on card. We lose the 5% savings sometimes. They won’t give the 5% savings without the card. We have to make sure to visit within 24 hours, return the order and buy it again. I can’t do that! They gotta make this simple. This will keep me away from target!


Sprouts My Score – 4.5/10

They are very close to my home – so I visit often. They have a Sprouts app & sometimes there will be coupon in their magazine too for extra savings.  I love their clearance section – I am able to sometimes find & try new healthy items there that are close to expiry date! I receive good help there. I once emailed them inquiring if the chips I bought was vegan. They responded me back saying that they were looking into it and after a while they remembered to respond me back with what they found out! Most of the Sprouts brand items seem to be vegan! I love their bulk bins .

Where they can improve

  • Some of the prices of certain products were ridiculous. They were way cheaper at Amazon
  • Again I forget to use Sprouts app. Why not make it simple guys?
  • They accept returns but its not as easy or simple as Target!


Did you enjoy this? Bye!


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