Frisco, TX – Veggie Express

It’s been a while since I had a vegan buffet. We headed to Veggie Express lunch buffet today. It’s a little far from us but we were so happy we did. So what are the highlights of this place?

  • Food was really fresh & hot. They made in small batches as and when needed. My husband noticed that the food was not as oily as the other vegan buffet place that we used to frequent.
  • Place was so clean. And they kept cleaning it! One of the customers asked a waiter if she was the owner. And she replied that she was just working there. Because she was taking care of the place as if it were her own!
  • They were so warm and welcoming. They kept asking if we need anything.
  • They offer to go buffet boxes! I have never seen those before.
  • Ikea is within seconds from this place! We could eat and then go to Ikea and spend our entire day there!
  • They offer lunch buffets almost every day!
  • Dhyan’s meal was free.

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Let’s talk about my favorites in the buffet?

I am not a fan of wheat gluten. I tried to taste everything just so I can write about it – Everything was good, fresh & mild. My most favorite was the corn soup! I ate like 3 bowls of it! We all loved it. My other favorites were the burnt noodles, fried rice, spring rolls, banana cake. Dhyan tried them all excitedly. He was over the moon. And he loved the chilled orange slices .

What I wish ?

I wish they had more desserts, may be tom yum or ramen or  hot pot soup. I wish they had more hot sauces and spices. I didn’t ask anything actually, may be they already do! BTW, I am just being fussy here – nothing more.

Bon appetit 🙂


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