WWAD on 6/10/2017


Hi, How are you guys? It was a beautiful day today. If you know me, you will know that beautiful days mean those days when I was calm & patient with Dhyan 😀 And I was today. I think I am getting better.

We ate 2 apples first thing in the morning. Then we ate Idlies with Coconut chutney & red spice powder from India. Wonderful combo. If I learn how to make it, I will share it here. Dhyan ate idlies with coconut oil. BTW, We have been enjoying some snacks from MIL.

Then I massaged my hair with oils. Then I started working on making fries & ketchup. It didn’t come out well. Last time I made fries, it turned out good. I wanted to make it more crispier and tastier & made some changes to the recipe which actually turned out bad. Dhyan loves fries and with all the lessons learnt, I am going to attempt it again soon. Ketchup was nothing like the real one and Dhyan just wants the plain fries – so I will not attempt ketchup again.

I cleaned master bath & powder room & took a shower.


Dhyan had yogurt & nuts & hemp milk for snack. Then for lunch I made tomato rice while munching on some romaine. It was good. This is the third time I am making it . Third time’s the charm. Previous attempts were not bad but this was the best. I will share the recipe soon. Dhyan wouldn’t taste the rice and I didn’t force him.

I read him books & Dhyan went down for a nap. Dhyan enjoyed fries & lara bar after waking up. I cleaned the kitchen & turned on the dishwasher. I taught Dhyan some basic math & used number cups to teach 0 to 30. I got a little tired. Hubby noticed and asked me to lie down and watched Dhyan. He also tightened faucet handle in the bath that was long due.

Dhyan enjoyed some fresh blueberries. And we all took a stroll in our neighborhood park. Dhyan was so excited and was running and playing with the tennis ball Hubby brought. I fed him mixed nuts . Then we walked back home. Dhyan drank water – changed into comfortable clothing & night diapers. I read him 2 books and put him to bed. He took a long time to sleep and was fussy but now he is off to dreamland 🙂


Good night!





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