Updates …

I have blogged about my concerns and challenges throughout this blog. I am going to try to update on those. I am not sure if I will get it all in one post.

* For quite a while, I was searching for a raw, vegan friend for us. I did manage to get a good vegan friend for both of us – Silky (Mom) &  Sifa (Her cute 3 year old daughter). Silky is so passionate about vegan living & I am so happy to have someone to chat on those topics. We don’t meet often but we text each other. I have learnt so much from her.

BTW, Dhyan has great non-vegan friends – Sammie, Ava, Phoenix, Tarun, Tristan, RoRo, Dublin, Davis. They respect our lifestyle & diet preferences. We love you all. I am no longer actively searching for raw vegan friends and also trying my best to be a good motivator for Dhyan to eat raw vegan food. I let him watch FullyRawKristina & Ellen Fisher videos with me.  Dhyan likes Kristina & when she enjoys the food she made, you could see him twinkling & chuckling 😉 I plan to teach him slowly about veganism.

* Sleep – I moved him to his own room around 7 months! It was not easy but I always believed that it was the right thing to do. Deep, undisturbed sleep in a silent, cold, dark room is very important for me. I will request my guests not to make noise after Dhyan falls asleep. I always try to make him sleep at the right time – no later than 9 depending upon his naptime.

After he turned 2, he jumped with us into our bed.  I was permissive. For the last couple of days,  I have been making sure Dhyan sleeps alone in a separate room. I would want him to sleep upstairs not in our master. But I am not ready to push him to do that right now.  BTW I do lie down with him during naptime and I don’t force naps. Yesterday, he didn’t want to nap but I fell asleep. When I came outside, he messed up the fireplace. I stayed calm for the most part & remembered the photo challenge – Cool ah?.

*Play/Learn – I try to teach him something new & read book(s) to him every day. I try to take him out. Since it’s getting hot, we mostly go to indoor play areas & soccer in the mornings. I schedule playdates few times a week. In the evenings if hubby is working late we go and play outdoors around 6 or 7. Since we put together learning tower, he has been volunteering to do a lot of kitchen chores. I try to let him help me. I have to improve on this & teach him cooking tasks. I plan to buy curious chef kit, at least the knife.   I still want to get more involved. I am working on all that I mentioned here.

*Eat –  We almost always eat in a booster seat. Do you know he straps himself into booster seat these days with zero help from me? I try not to force him while eating.. I decide the foods & cake or cookies or related is very very rare . We don’t maintain strict meal times like I planned earlier. We eat all day! I am fine with it. Earlier, I used to get mad if he throws or spits or wastes food. I still let him know that it’s bad to do all that and then I clean it up & throw in compost 🙂 If you have waste-guilt like me, it really helps to start composting. Also once he starts playing with the food, stop feeding or trying to force him to eat. He is not hungry any more!  Most of the time, we read books when we eat. I really want to make meal times something to look forward to. I want to try to bring us all in the table, chat & eat. And treat Dhyan like an adult and let him be.

Dhyan’s meals/snacks on weekdays are mostly like this –

  1. We start with fruit or something raw
  2. Dhyan has pancakes with agave or nectar & gummy & eats hemp seeds & hemp milk. I try to make sure that he has a hefty breakfast – at least 2 pancakes!
  3. We have a smoothie or n’ice cream
  4. Dhyan eats PB/CB & Nectar on Dave’s killer bread.  I think he prefers this one over Ezekiel cinnamon raisin. I am going to keep giving both.
  5. Dhyan munches on Mixed Nuts
  7. Dhyan has any of the snacks I wrote about here. We have a dedicated snack shelf in our pantry & fridge for Dhyan. I let him choose.
  8. Dinner varies.

Challenges –

  • I attempted Talk only in English with Dhyan Challenge. But I couldn’t do it. Dhyan has started talking more in English these days. I am not worried anymore. Then again something happened the other day, when we went to Milestone church play area for the first time. It was so high and I couldn’t see him all the time. My bad. He came down looking bloody all over his mouth & wailing. He said someone pushed him only later. It broke my heart. More than his wound, I was worried if he felt helpless & alone. It kills me. I repeated to him that next time around he has to show me the person who pushes him asap. I also taught him to say – ‘Stop bothering me . Stop hurting me. Stop pushing me’ . Anyways I am not going to that play area any more – not until he is little bit bigger. OMG, I am not sure how I am going to get past this Tender age.
  • I attempted to journal my feelings all day and how I handle Dhyan’s tantrums all day. I couldn’t do it either. I am fine with it. I am just trying to get better at my Connection.
  • I am trying my best to be kind & firm with Dhyan. I think I am getting better. These days I am more forgiving of myself & others. I am learning, accepting & more understanding, I think.
  • Did I miss anything? I will do a follow-up post if I have more to say!

PS Its been 2 months since I started blogging 🙂 With so many blogs out there, I feel humbled & grateful for all your likes, comments & follows. Love you all. Like any blogger, I want more follows & likes. I am trying not to focus on that . I am striving to make my blog my own. I am making fries & ketchup. I don’t want to crowd this post anymore. If it comes out well, I will share tomorrow.

PPS I am getting my Vitamix 🙂 For a long while, I was pondering if I really need it. Sucheta suggested getting dry blender too since it will help me make my own floor and such – not that I am planning to do in the near future. Costco carries those only online. And I placed my order yesterday ! WOOHOO… I am nervous too since I don’t know how to use it yet . Hoping it will become a second nature in no time.



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