Dhyan’s 25 top favorite snacks

My son is 2.5+ years old. These are his favorite snacks at this point. I let him have a vegan candy or cake when we are at a party or at friend’s. But at home, these are the ones I let him have at this age. I try to buy them organic.

  1. Goji berries*
  2. cooked Red kidney beans & black beans*
  3. Pop corn*
  4. Fruits esp Water melon, mangoes, grapes, banana, clementines, blueberries*
  5. Veggies – snap peas, carrots,celery*
  6. Lara bar esp. the cashew one (This is a great travel snack as it is filling & it does not fall apart when eating and it has only 2 ingredients – cashews & dates. Only wish it was organic or non-gmo.)
  7. Unsalted Cashews . He enjoys all nuts but this one is his most favorite. He has started enjoying pistachios as well.
  8. Unsweetened Raisins, prunes & Cranberries
  9. Frozen mixed veggies*
  10. Made in nature figgy pops
  11. unique sprouted whole grain pretzels & puffs
  12. Blended Chana dal & Jaggery     and Blended peanuts & Jaggery – will do a post later
  13. Smoothie*
  14. Go raw lemon pie cookies
  15. Alyssa’s healthy vegan bites
  16. Raw cacao nibs
  17. Vegan yogurt*
  18. 100% Juices – Orange, Melon
  19. Coconut water
  20. Purple Hemp milk*
  21. Hemp seeds*
  22. Honest vitamin C + zinc gummy bear – Never more than one a day
  23. Mary’s gone crackers pretzel
  24. N’ice cream*
  25. sea weed*

*- Those starred I let him eat to his heart’s content.



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