Number cups – best way to teach numbers to kids

I am learning that the best way to teach alphabets to kids is through phonics – teaching them the sounds associated with the alphabets rather than actual name meaning teach A as ‘Aa’ . Do you know in Tamil an Indian language I am well familiar with, there are no separate names – essentially, sounds are the alphabet names. And that’s why there are 247 letters in Tamil and in English there are only 26! Interesting, right? I have seen the script of few other Indian languages. They also have a lot of letters. I really want to teach Dhyan Tamil someday.

image_1.jpgFor numbers  I think the best is number cups. It helps them realize how the numbers keep repeating. I have started teaching Dhyan 0 as 0-0. And 10 as 1-0 and then I also say ‘ten’. You could have a lot of fun with it like asking them to show a number – say you say ’17’ or ‘1-7′ and they have to align the cups and show you ’17’. When they are ready, you can introduce three cups so you can count from 0 till 999!

He could orderly say numbers from 1 to 20. If he sees a number between 1 and 10, he could read them. If he sees a number beyond 10, say  ’17’ he reads it as ‘one seven’ 🙂

Hope this was helpful. Bye!



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