#RawOrganicDetoxingwNamagiri update …

I did it. YAY!

Pounds lost: close to 3 pounds


So, How was it?

I am someone who tries to eat raw, vegan food as much as I can, especially first thing in the morning. It keeps me full & satisfied as I prepare food for Dhyan and for us & feed him & till I get around to eating the meal myself. So I have never even done something like eating only raw vegan foods even for a day. Becoming a vegan & being one, is not hard at all for me. But being a raw vegan required a lot of commitment which I did have thankfully but I craved constantly cooked foods – more heat – ice cream or whatnot the first few days. Actually, one of my kombuchas was spoiled I think. I had moderate tummy pains one day. It was crazy. But still, I sticked to my detox regimen 🙂

Overall, I was more energetic than usual. I also felt hydrated all the time – didn’t need water much. This may feel like contradictory but raw foods were sustaining me longer than cooked food! Actually, I was worried too. So I didn’t stay out longer and I was making sure to eat a lot the first day. Starting with second day, I was confident & mostly ate listening to my hunger cues. I am realizing how important it is to abstain not only for the detox but also for experiencing the changes, emotions that come with it. Have you tasted a green bell pepper? At first, I didn’t like it but then it grew on me. I am looking forward to cooking today & the entire week if not more. I cant believe I can eat anything vegan today – cooked or processed. It feels weird in a way. It’s just a week – but my mindset has changed so much. I am sure instead of mindlessly stuffing my mouthful with food, I would savor every bite today. I will be more alive & present. I think I have heightened or re-awakened senses. I am looking forward to everything today 😉

It’s been 7 days and I realize I have formed many good habits. Going to bed at 10 used to be very difficult for me. I blog, watch movies, eat, check off task lists or do whatever except going to sleep. Since I promised myself that for a week that I would unplug at 10, I did it albeit unenthusiastically.  I kept alarm at 4. Most days I jumped out of bed at 4 , some days I snoozed a little longer. I prepped food, exercised , blogged, even took a short nap before my son woke up. This is perfect. I am going to keep doing this.

Meditation – WOW! It calmed me down like magic and helped me be more patient with Dhyan. Some days I find myself snoozing while listening. I am planning to continue that – at least 10 minutes a day during his nap time. I will say that he can either stay silent & meditate with me or go and play quietly outside. WIN WIN.

I am also planning to eat as much as I can raw & organic foods and continue the exercise routine. When I am ready, I will slowly increase the number of sit-ups. I felt sit-ups deep within – I can feel the toning happening.

What helped?

  • Stock up. I got everything from Costco. I didn’t even have to make another trip. I still have some leftovers. I think it’s a good idea to get it all done in one trip & focus on relaxation & detoxing – rather than making frequent trips.
  • I did not have any temptations at home. I had a lot of commitment but still JIC.
  • When I had sugar craving, n’ice cream really helped me. Dhyan & I slurped it. I will definitely be making it next time.
  • I shared the challenge on Facebook & with my friends. I asked people to join me. On Saturday, at Sheila’s daughter’s high school graduation party, Sheila told me that I was glowing 🙂 On Sunday during our playdate, Silky & her husband told me that I look great. May be they are just being nice. But support & encouragement from friends helps keeps us going. Replies & comments to my Facebook posts helped too.
  • Support from your Family. It’s a must. Hubby was on a trip. It was just Dhyan & me. Dhyan really helped. Whatever I ate, he would come & taste it. It was humbling. I was fine with sharing everything except for kombucha because I know it’s dehydrating.


In the future

Yes I will do it again once a year maybe and will give you all at least 2 weeks heads up. So more of you can join me.

I want to learn & bookmark more raw & easy recipes for next time instead of just munching like Tarzan 😉 I will try to share the recipes I am planning to try beforehand too. I will also have to find raw & organic cayenne powder. I also wa I also want to buy a big carton full of thai coconuts. I would love the fresh coconut pulp & water. No idea where to buy them & if they sell them organic. When I think about it, I should be searching all that FarmBox delivery offers next time and order and have it in hand before the first day of detox. I will also pay a visit to Whole foods before the scheduled week . And yes, Costco visit is a must. I will also buy raw organic dates, raisins & other sweet options available – that I will search in Amazon & http://www.veganessentials.com/. I am hearing good things about the latter. I will try to eat dried fruits only once a day. So instead of deciding & planning it  all a day before. I will get things going at least a week before.  Raw & vegan lifestyle is a beautiful one with unlimited options. As & when I learn something, I am going to keep jotting it down. So next time, I don’t find it very restrictive or lacking flavors.

Daily greens’ juices were perfect. I would stick with it. I would choose all plain green juices not the limeade ones. It was good and healthy with blue green algae but I couldn’t consume so much.

If you took part in this challenge or if you had done something like this before, do share your experiences.

I feel refreshed & detoxed. Every mom needs this 🙂

PS link to the actual challenge page – https://youareenteringmymind.wordpress.com/2017/05/28/detoxing-for-the-next-7-days/


Let me know your thoughts ...

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