Just venting. Sorry.

Some days ago, I took Dhyan to dentist for his routine cleaning appointment. He just ran away as soon as he saw the hygienist and was whimpering. They normally offer a toy at the end. I asked Dhyan if he would like to hold his toy and get his cleaning done. It worked and my boy got his cleaning  by lying almost flat on the dental chair the entire time like an adult as I stood proud and cheering. I didnt force, threaten, beg, manipulate. I handled it beautifully. Even the hygienist was supportive. Dhyan was calm and happy too. But as Dhyan was choosing the toy from the toy drawer, a hoarse voice sternly repeated ‘you cant pick up the toy now’. I couldnt even see the person. When I saw her along the corridor, as I was walking back to our room consoling my son , she gave me a snobbish look.


Then yesterday at the library, as we were leaving,  Dhyan started calling out to me because he wanted to ask me something . I was occupied with checking out the books and leaving and I was also talking to someone. As and when Dhyan spoke, someone shushed him. Next time she shushed him, I looked straight at her . She was looking at Dhyan with so much contempt. I kept looking straight  at her eyes boldly and did not yell at Dhyan or rush him but we just left at our usual pace.

The other day at the park, Dhyan was trying to climb up the slide.  An older kid arrogantly told him that he was doing it the wrong way. I rushed to Dhyan and told him to continue playing as he wishes. But he just won’t.  He was hurt by the comment!


I hate being judged or when someone gives me the scorn looks. Especially why to judge or give looks at such trivial matters and especially when a 2 year old is involved? They didnt even know what was fully happening. The good thing about this is how I reacted every time. I was composed every damn time. Although it bothered me, I didnt let it influence the way I treated Dhyan or how I handled the situation:) I am hoping Dhyan does the same too. He is a kid. He will learn.


Let me know your thoughts ...

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