Detoxing for the next 7 days …

I have always wanted to do this. Just didn’t happen until now. Something clicked and I drove to Costco and bought a boatload of produce and here I am going to attempt to clean my body and mind for the next 7 days – not longer than that ūüôā . First I thought I should just go on a juice fast or something. But I really cant do that. My body needs more and with a kid I don’t want to¬†try that. Btw, when I was loading a lot more than usual into my cart at Costco, Dhyan noticed and was like ‘Why are you buying so much?’ ūüėÄ

Why am I doing it? I really love detoxing. I want to look better & feel better. I wanna Radiate happiness. And I believe in this. Here are the rules of how my diet will be for the next 7 days.

  • Only raw & organic food – doesn’t¬†matter fresh or frozen.¬†I am not going to restrict myself to eating only fruits & veggies – even cacao nibs, nut butter, nuts are okay – they just have to be raw & organic.
  • Drink six 12oz juices every day –¬†I got Daily greens brand from Costco. I think Suja works too. Pure caf√© in Southlake will juice fresh for you. But I am going to just stick to store bought ones this time around because its cheaper. And I am also not sure if Pure Caf√© does all organic!
  • Drink a lot of water – I don’t have any goals. I just want to try to drink more.
  • Exercise – I am going to keep it low intensity. I have been trying for half marathon, I will continue that. On alternate days, I will do 50 sit-ups.
  • Meditation – This is so not me. But someone I respect so much did that – my Ayya (my paternal¬†grandfather). I just want to mandatorily try it for the next 7 days. I am gonna use insight timer app for at least 15 minutes every day. I will just listen to it & not do anything else. May be it will grow on me!
  • Sleep – I wanna unplug¬†& unwind &¬†go to bed at 10 – Everything can wait tomorrow. I can read a book or magazine¬†till I fall asleep

I will take pics on all days using SHYE app and do a blog post showing it & also share the changes I feel physically & mentally. If I lose pounds, I will let you know. Dhyan will not be doing this with me. He is more than welcome to share whatever I eat. I will not force him. I will not be providing much variety in his meals or do much for the next 7 days. I will just try to nourish my mind, body & soul.<3

Would you like to join me? #RawOrganicDetoxingwNamagiri




7 thoughts on “Detoxing for the next 7 days …

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