WWAD on 5/25/2017

wwad (1)

I enjoy preparing for WWAD posts. Not as much to write them because I always find something more interesting that I want to write about. Hope you guys find these posts interesting.

Every morning when Dhyan wakes up, he keeps repeating ‘nana’ stretching his hands out. That means he wants some snuggles. After some hugs & kisses, we head for brushing our teeth. He ate pancake with agave by himself while looking at a book. He also enjoyed a gummy. Then I made a humongous salad with green leaf lettuce & mango dressing . This is how my meals were when pregnant. I would make a humongous salad & start working. I will eat it for a long time. It kept me full for a while. I digress. Dhyan didn’t eat the salad but enjoyed mangoes as such. I didn’t force anything. I also prepared chapathi dough for lunch.

Then he enjoyed coconut butter by itself while I was making sandwich for him. He snacked a lot & repeated ‘yummy’. I think I am going to stick with this brand. He threw spoons away from dishwasher, I kindly & firmly lifted him & put him in the crib saying ‘ you need a timeout honey’ and left. After few minutes, I came and without lecturing, I told him why I gave him a timeout kindly and held him & hugged him. Another time, he wouldn’t wash with hands. I just left. He requested that I wash his hands a little later. I wish I am always like this! Why is it so difficult to be kind to your kid, someone you love so much?


Then we headed to Soccer. When we did a make-up baseball class with Coach Mike, I really liked how he taught the kids & his attitude. He was so involved & understood kids & treated them well. We didn’t continue baseball. But when I learnt that Mike teaches soccer too, I wanted to try it. But it looked like the class was for 3 year old and they didn’t accept. When I asked again, they accepted. Dhyan did beautifully with older kids. Sometimes he would run to me, coach Mike would kindly hold his hand and take him back 🙂 Awesome coach right? You can see in the pic, how Dhyan obediently leaves with the coach, waving back at me. He even played music. It threw Dhyan off but he did okay. Can you believe, I used to run & play soccer together with Dhyan & have to motivate him, here I am sitting and watching & cheering Dhyan & Dhyan was playing by himself! And the timing is perfect – 11 instead of 10 AM, I am getting an hour more to get ready. What more I want? I am so excited for the next session. I am going to signup Dhyan with Mike.   So happy that Dhyan got a great coach! I believe Dhyan might start conversing with coach Mike since I feel he gives him attention & will make him talk. I learnt that Mike also teaches private swimming lessons – may be later. Dhyan snacked on a sandwich & cucumbers there. He dropped a cucumber piece, I saved it – I come home & throw into our compost. I always save orange peels or anything when we are outdoors and put in compose bin once we are home – That’s just me!. We explored the entire place & watched other kids play & drove back home. Actually, we didn’t park in our usual parking space outside soccer class, when I headed in the wrong direction, Dhyan corrected me. He helps me like that   🙂 He is an amazing son.


He removed his shoes & socks by himself. He bathed, snacked & napped. I rolled all chapathis & started prepping for curry. He woke up. we snacked on grapes & I made mushroom & peas masala. Masala came out well. I will share in a different post. Earlier it used to be really difficult to cook with him – he will keep asking me to hold him & cook. It got a whole lot easier with learning tower. It provides him a good view of what happens in the kitchen & keeps him safe. He also does small tasks like pressing ginger, squeezing lemon, peeling garlic, spraying & washing veggies. I also try to explain the steps when I can. I plan to slowly teach him more & more cooking as he grows up. He also swings and jumps off the learning tower. Hoping it will last. Or will ask hubby to build again 🙂 No problem 😉 I fed Dhyan chapathis with masala and lots of VCO.

Afterwards, we drove to old union elementary school park. It’s a big park open to public – they have fountain, garden, eating area – it’s awesome place. My friend Sheila told me about this place. Her kids went to school there. And they put the cover over the playground & started the garden fundraising 🙂

We ate hemp bar there. I saw it in clearance in Sprouts. Just bought two. Taste wise & ingredient wise I prefer Lara bar. I am going to stick with it.

We came home & changed to night diapers & I put him to bed 🙂


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