Soup for sick vegans …


Have you ever heard this great moment, when you throw together random ingredients from your fridge & to your amazement, you discover an amazing dish? It happened to me today.  I officially declare this easy, one-pot dish – The best soup for sick vegans! This is what I did –


  • I washed & soaked moong dal (around 1 cup I think).
  • Then I chopped quarter of one big red onion, 3 “green” tomatoes, 3 small peeled watermelon radishes, 3 garlic cloves, handfuls of mint, cilantro, basil leaves. Actually the amount of basil used was more than cilantro and mint.
  • I chopped huge piece of ginger into big chunks.
  • In a small pressure cooker, I added virgin avocado oil, onion, ginger, garlic. After few seconds of sautéing on a medium high setting, I added radishes. I let the onions turn golden brown. Then I added tomatoes & fresh herbs. After a couple seconds, I added soaked moong dal & about 3 cups of water. I let the cooker go for 8 – 10 whistles.
  • I removed the ginger & enjoyed!

When I opened the cooker, it didn’t look appetizing at all. Since Dhyan helped the preparation (he washed the veggies), he nudged me to feed him. After a single taste, his big, beautiful eyes brightened & he smiled. I got the message:) Then he enjoyed half a bowl of soup.

I didn’t add salt or any spices. And the soup was not tasteless. It was so yummy with subtle hints of green tomato, ginger, fresh herbs & the texture of the dal. All came together beautifully & every spoonful of this soup was soothing to my throat! It was so filling & delicious –  I finished all in one sitting.

This will be probably be my additions next time to add to its immune boosting properties – Turmeric, freshly ground black pepper.

Hoping y’all will like it too 🙂


Let me know your thoughts ...

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