Pineapple Mango Mint popsicle

Winter means Hot chocolate ; Summer means popsicles!


Popsicle 101

  • You don’t have to splurge. But don’t buy at dollar store. It doesn’t easily come out  or you have other problems. Go for one with removable molds.
  • Let the popsicle thaw. I let it sit on countertop. A thawed popsicle tastes better than a icy one! If you like to lick like my son, you don’t have to wait. He will lick the entire thing twice, which thaws it quickly btw 😀 & gobble it up. He figured it out the second time. Rule of thumb – when you bite, it should easily give in. Don’t wait till it melts.
  •  Try to hand wash the molds as quickly as possible. It prevents the stains.
  • Puree consistency should be very thick. If you don’t have a vitamin, try to use as little liquid as possible to get the blender going & pour it right into the molds. I am planning to try making popsicles with orange / apple juices someday. Will let you know.
  • I think it helps the blender (at least mine) if I use frozen or cold fruits rather than fresh.

This recipe was inspired by Kristina’s – Do you know her? She is an amazing woman. She inspires & helps so many people every day – that includes me! My most favorite video of hers – I wish she were close – I would splurge on her raw vegan cakes & pies. I would let Dhyan eat them to his heart’s content every day!

Since I don’t have a vitamix, I thought this was not going to work out. I added little hemp milk & blended frozen pineapple & cold mangoes. It smelled & looked divine! Really! As she suggested I added a little mint – my son was not very fond of it btw. On a hot summer day , this will just hit the spot!

See ya!






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