WWAD on 5/19/2017

I have been postponing this for a while. Lets get this over with.

I used SHYE app to do this – pretty cool ah?WWAD

I had leftover organic sprouted silken tofu. I added a good chunk of it in my smoothie. Tofu in smoothie mayn’t sound appetizing. But you wouldn’t taste it at all. We have been using learning tower really well. He helped make the smoothie. He ate frozen spinach like a candy. He eats fresh spinach too. Mosquito bite or something was annoying him and he kept scratching it & mangoes got everywhere – his face, hair, dress .. BTW, you have to store tofu fully covered in water. You need to change water everyday! Usinga strainer might help.

I have been buying good raw, organic coconut butter for his sandwiches. It keeps him full. He likes brazil nuts too. Healthy fats! BTW – It’s a bad idea to store coconut butter in fridge! Experience talks – It becomes rock solid:)


We played soccer. One of the moms said Dhyan was very limber. I chatted with mom & dad friends there. It felt pretty good. We spent at least 2 hours there. After his class was over, we ate, we chatted & we played outside. Then we went to sprouts . He sampled a vegan multivitamin ‘garden of life’ kids gummy & almond milk. I picked up some healthy snacks because I took him to Buddha temple the next day. We spent couple hours there. It was peaceful & we had fun. BTW, he wanted to keep his favorite snacks close to him. He picked the purple hemp milk – It was unsweetened vanilla; I was fine with it. He has been asking for purple hemp milk & has been gulping it ever since 🙂

We bathed. He ate and napped.

The day before, when we were outside, he saw a couple eat popsicle , I promised I will make it for him. It was delectably delicious. The tacos were yummy too. I will share the recipes in separate posts. That brown larabar is his favorite.

After the dinner was done, I was cleaning kitchen. He waited patiently for a while & then called me to play with him – So I stopped cleaning & we had fun for a while & he fell asleep around 9.

PS Mary’s gone crackers brand pretzels are real good – better than their crackers.


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