Rice glue activity for toddlers


I was born in a small village in South India called Nagore. I have known this place for 30 years; not much has changed. People are laidback & friendly. Everyone knows everyone by name; they live a simple & happy life. I always have more kids to play with, I socialize with more people whenever I am there. People & kids from neighboring homes come to my grandma’s home just to watch TV because they don’t have one in theirs. They will chat happily & watch – New meaning for a home theatre 🙂 I remember kids hanging on to a window in our front porch & leaning to get a good view of the TV show. They only had one TV channel! I cant believe how closely the neighbors mingled & helped each other 🙂 I remember kids playing with cycle tires ,goats, marbles, cricket, home made pull toy in the street. There was only one cycle in the home. Most of the time we walked or rode in horse-drawn carts or took a bus. BTW they don’t have horse carts any more; they have autoes now.

Grandma never had a refrigerator. They plan & use up everything by the end of the day or the next! They also get most of their produce from their garden. If we have surplus, we will sell it to our neighbors. Wow that kitchen was so big, lively with all my aunts, grandma, cousins moving around. Whatever they cooked was really tasty. They didn’t even have a pressure cooker then. They cooked rice on stove top. It took a long while & we gave the water after we drain the rice to our neighbor to feed her cows! Yes they didn’t waste anything – not just their food; they repurposed anything.  We also fed crows & goats . BTW I should try to learn their recipes. Whatever they made or if they bought a snack, grandma used to split it for everyone. They have a well. I used to bath in the well outdoors. Yep, this place was heaven. I wish I lived there. What a lot of fun Dhyan would have! I should remember to visit there the next time I go to India.

Jumping to today’s topic – In Nagore, they used cooked rice as glue to seal envelopes & stick stamps. Dhyan & I collected a bunch of different leaves from our yard. I took a little bit cooked sona massori rice, smudged & smoothed it all over on one side of the leaves & stuck it to a scrapbook paper. Dhyan had fun. Cooked Rice acts as a non-toxic, edible glue. You can let them get messy with it without worrying about anything except the mess – everything is a mess with a toddler 🙂  I am already thinking what other activities I can plan with Dhyan using this home made rice glue ..

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