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If you are a vegan or a wannabe vegan or trying to be a vegan as often as you can & living in North Texas area, please please check out this active, responsive group – yes, you will thank me later . I wish I found them a lot earlier , even before I became vegan. The reason I postponed becoming a vegan is very silly – I wasn’t ready to face the challenges it would present when I visit my parents’ or in-laws in India; not because, I was craving something non-vegan or it was hard to do & I am grateful for that one day when I let go of my fears & took the step forward. Being a vegan comes naturally to me. I am so happy to be one. I am even more happier to have found this group. I need the emotional support & education.

How does this group help me ?

  • TajI almost always get Qualms about the menu items in a restaurant. These days, I just search the restaurant name in the posts & look for the items and/or customizations suggested to make it vegan. I may also get a review or a picture of the food even before I order. I think it’s pretty cool & helpful to someone like me who wants to make triply sure what I eat is actually vegan. These great guys keep sharing info about new vegan restaurants or vegan options in non-vegan places as and when they open or menu gets updated. I know so many vegan-friendly places now – thanks to them 🙂 And If you are planning to go to a vegan place & need a partner , post asap & you will get a friend 😀 I have just started doing this…
  • Vegans may face problems from friends or colleagues or at a restaurant while ordering. Instead of dealing with the emotions yourself, this group provides a place to vent – there are so many souls that empathize with you. You can actually talk to someone who goes through the same thing. When I read some of the posts I cant stop smiling because the same thing has happened to me. I also learn emotional intelligence & ways to smartly respond to people – I neeeeed that .
  • This group does so much more than food & emotional support – they share interesting info & links & recipes & laughs & have an ice-cream fight 😉 & whatnot. What melts my heart, is how they really get hands-on and try to help any living being as much as they can, by bringing abuse to spotlight & brainstorm solution.

We feel together. We celebrate together. We yell together. We vent together. We hate together. We laugh together. We love together. I am so glad to be one of them.

P.S. I feel it’s not the vegans, its the other side that needs this eye-opening info because I believe it may alter their mindset. Check them out at –

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