Showcasing the birds visiting our bird feeder #1


I am going to do a series of posts showcasing the birds visiting our feeder. The main purpose of these posts was me to learn their names 😉 so that I can teach my son – but I also thought it would be fun. I tried to use my camera and whenever I opened my patio door or however slowly I sneaked outside they just disappeared! I cleaned the window facing the feeder & removed the insect screen – so that I can take clear pictures from the inside. But for some reason the number of birds visiting reduced. I got worried & quickly undid whatever I did and now the birds are back again. And I am just going to use my phone & click from the inside. Because the camera doesn’t click as fast as my phone and the birds flew away before I could click. I am planning also to showcase all the trees and plants in our yard 🙂 They all hold a special place in my heart.

Today’s bird is Chickadee – what a cute name. They are the most frequent visitors to our feeder. They wont sit or be still for even a second. They keep flying around  & they always visit as a group & will look like they are all playing together. I am in a way jealous of them 🙂 Funnily, some are really fat, some are really thin .

Fun fact about Chickadees – Chickadees are nonmigratory, preferring to stay near known food and water sources. ‘Dear Chickadees visiting us, I promise you a constant supply of food as long as I live in this house . I provide water too – but you don’t seem to be interested. I need to figure out why! I don’t even let Dhyan go to patio when you guys are busy feeding. Hoping you enjoy our Hospitality

Lets hear for CHICKADEES !

Update : More shots –



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