Happy Mother’s day :)


Probably the best day of my life after Dhyan’s birthday. I cant even express in words how magical life is after you have a kid – watching him grow up & change is the life’s most beautiful pleasure. I already forgot how life was during Dhyan’s first year. It just ran away – I was just floating in ecstasy I guess 🙂

Everyday I mean it – every day I change how I plan the day , what I feed him depending on the previous day. I keep trying to learn, trying to figure out, trying to change myself for Dhyan. But I never felt it like a burden – rather a proud responsibility to support & bring up Dhyan to the best of my abilities.

I cant even put it in words what he means to me. He is just a two year old, but he has done so much for me. I have learnt acceptance, self-awareness, clarity, commitment, courage – thanks to him. Parenting & infinite love for someone teaches & changes you so much.

Life with Dhyan is really a rollercoaster. I am humbled & privileged to be his mom. Dhyan, looking forward to every day with you. Hope you always know at heart how much you mean to mommy. I will do anything for you ❤

Happy happy Mother’s day to all of you!


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