Something sweet…

I really have a sweet tooth. I try to cut down my sugar and indulge once a month or so. It’s very hard for me to keep that commitment. I always keep raisins & dates handy. They do help but when I crave something more – I make this. This is used as a filling in a different recipe that I make on special occasions – will write later. This is definitely way better than the processed sugary store bought stuff.

sweet balls

Here’s what I do –

  1. I soak 1 cup of Chana dal overnight.
  2. I cook it on stove top till it’s cooked well and am able to pierce it. Do not let it cook till it’s fall apart. Then drain it right away.
  3. I spread it on tissue paper. This is optional. But I want to remove as much as water as I can – because I want the end result to be thicker not watery. I leave it for a couple minutes.
  4. I use my Indian grinder – blender will work too. I mix Chana dal and 1 cup of Jaggery  and add little by little. Do not use water. Jaggery releases all the moisture needed. Scrape the sides as you grind.
  5. Turn off after the mixture comes together smooth & refrigerate & scoop & enjoy!!! Takes only 2 – 3 minutes. Do not grind longer. I like it a little on the coarse side.


P.S. They say toor dal works too. If I try it, will let you know.


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