WWAD on 5/12/2017


Dhyan had rice puttu (Again anand brand) & honest gummy for breakfast. He also had hemp milk & hemp seeds. Then he started playing – he inverted umbrella stroller & was hanging on top of it. He did some coloring. Then he was riding me & used me like a slide. Then we danced to Dave & Ava rhymes – yep those are his favorite . Then he started jumping on the crib mattress – got this idea when I was at my friend Sheila’s home.


Then we ate some mangoes & kiwis. I wait till the kiwis are fully ripe. Then we went to the park@ the central market. It was a beautiful day – it was crowded. We were having a lot of fun until a boy started intervening & intimidating Dhyan. Dhyan just walked away but this boy just wont leave Dhyan alone . He wouldn’t stop even when I asked him to.  At one point he placed his feet on Dhyan’s head. I told him that I will be complaining to his mom, he plainly & boldly snapped at me that I wouldn’t be able to find her!  I got really mad and started questioning moms around asking whose kid it was. Dhyan was stopping me & asking me to let go – isn’t he awesome? It was crowded and after asking a couple moms I let go but I did not leave. He also seemed to stop bothering my son. But if Dhyan got slightly out of my sight, I got worried & came running – because I didn’t want Dhyan to be bullied again. A 5 or 6  year old boy really scared me & my son.  After a while, I saw his mom & complained right away. The boy was simply denying my accusations, still the mom acted neutral & asked her son to apologize. He apologized barely & ran away. I am glad I waited and complained and didn’t just leave – it helped soothe me at least a little bit – I used to just ignore or walk away. I couldn’t stand someone hurting my son. Still this incident haunts me. I cannot fathom how a 6 year old can act like that! I also realized that I need to teach my son to stand up to strangers – I guess I taught him that in a way. Sorry for venting…

Central market

Anyways in the park, we ate avocado, banana & halo oranges. We also shopped at the central market – Finally I bought brazil nuts that I long wanted to buy for Dhyan – lets see if he likes it & once home I tried making vegan mango lassi. I used coconut milk – it didn’t come out good. I didn’t have the patience to fix the recipe – will do it another day. Anyways we bathed, Dhyan ate pesarettu dosa  & chutney & napped.


Then hubby was here. I vented & he told me he bought me a mother’s day gift –  a simple gold chain like I wanted. I was so happy 🙂 Dhyan woke up & ate jackfruit & played with hubby. I made idly, carrot potato sambar.

Bittergourd Juice

I also made Bitter gourd juice. I juiced 2 small bitter gourds, 4 apples & a big piece of ginger. Yes i scooped out the seeds and white stuff from the gourds and threw into compost and while juicing i added a little bit of all – some apples topped with some gourds and some ginger- may be some more apples again .Actually I was amazed at how the bitterness was subdued by the apples. It was not bad at all.

Hubby’s friend Praveen joined us & had dinner with us. Dhyan played with Praveen for a little while. I fed him idly and sambar with EVCO and made him sleep a little after 9.

Here I am blogging … See ya!

P.S. Hubby built learning tower. Isn’t he awesome? I got the idea from Brittany. I have  learnt a couple things from her like buying from a bulk bin or learning to cook a spaghetti squash- she has a good blog.



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