Events around us that we love!

There are a few family-friendly events that happen in Southlake or in the neighboring towns that we just don’t want to miss. Dhyan loves them! Here’s the list –

1.Hurst Fire Department Open house


The first time when we went here we were awe-struck – all 3 of us. It was a lot of fun. I remember seeing so many cars in the parking lot because it was so crowded. It was a beautiful day. There were few demonstrations like what to do in case of fire, you can hold water hose for a couple minutes, you can sit in fire truck or several, you can watch a helicopter take off – WOW that was awesome – I was screaming crazy like a kid ;).  After a while, it started raining , some of the kids were laughing and dancing. It was beautiful watching the kids as we waited out the rain.

So it looks like it happens around the end of the September. I will check the exact date from the Hurst calendar, during the beginning of September. I just have to remember to pack a lot of food & water.

2. KellerFest

We went here on a Friday evening around 5 PM. I should remember to go around the same time. It was perfect – the weather, lighter crowd. I parked in the residential neighborhood. There was no entrance fee. Dhyan was so happy – he tried all the small rides – tractor, car, train and then we even boarded a ferris wheel. Dhyan was on cloud nine. There were a lot of business booths and Dhyan spinned so many wheels, played so many games, got a lot of goodies. Everyone were so warm & welcoming. Then we sat & ate some snacks, enjoying some live music! Dhyan had a blast.

We happen to be at Mayfest. There was an entrance fee, parking fee and its far away from our home. And when Dhyan went to spin a wheel at a booth, they asked us to buy something for 10$! And the weather was hot – I may not go again.

It looks like KellerFest happens in April. I am planning to check Keller calendar in March. As always, I need to carry a lot of snacks & water.

3. Chalk the town square


They block a small section of the road. And kids (&adults) show their art skills – really you could see some good art! There will be other games & goodies & music. This is a lot of fun! No food or water provided. Just carry those & enjoy!

Looks like this happens in March. Will check Southlake calendar in February.

4. Hall’s pumpkin patch

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is not an event. But we make sure to go every year. I tried a few different pumpkin patches but this is my favorite. I have stopped trying new ones and only go here.

First time I went here with my son, we did everything – corn maze, hay rides, saw farm animals. Dhyan was literally crawling through the Maze 🙂 Next year we didn’t do the maze but we did the others. Dhyan was walking then 🙂

There are a lot of pumpkins, tractors – big & small, &many other funky stuff to keep kids occupied.

Important thing is they don’t do hay rides on all days – check & go – do not miss it. I think they start around the end of September. I will check in the beginning of September by visiting their website –

5. Art in the square


This is so close to our home . We get to see so many art forms – we went to a booth this year and it felt like we time travelled to 1800’s or something . For Dhyan, there will be bounce houses, trampoline , live music.  It’s town square – you will find something or other to eat. But I always pack food at least for Dhyan!

It happens in March or April. I will check the Southlake city calendar.

I am thinking about trying Hot Hatch Chili 1k race with Dhyan. It happens in the fall. Lets see if we like it…

If you are a big fan of any of the events in DFW, please share. I will do a second post as I find more events that we love. Bye!


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