Happy One-month anniversary :)

It’s been a month –  really? I navigated quickly through all my posts all the way to the beginning checking along the dates – yes, it’s been a month 😉

It’s like I imagined – I am totally enjoying blogging . What was quite a pleasant surprise was this huge WordPress community – the challenges, the support. I already feel like I have so many virtual friends 🙂 I am mind-blown when I read some of your blog posts. I promise I am gonna check out all your blogs, as and when I find time.

Where do I want to see my blog in another month or a few?

  • I want my blog to scream ‘ME’. It already is mine 😉 I wanna make it more personal & authentic.
  • Write a few photography/travel posts if latter happens 🙂
  • start posts on green-living.
  • revise the recipes with exact measurements & add videos if I get a chance.


Gotta do something special today right? My son has been asking me to make hot chocolate since he saw the main character drinking hot chocolate in one of his favorite books. So that’s what I made today. BTW, Kisses & cuddles by Aly Fronis is a cute book. I made two versions . The first version was too Bitter. I made some changes and Dhyan loved the second version. I am a lover of hot chocolate too. I used to love DD anything. Just like that, I gave it all up one day 🙂 Now I can make a great tasting, even healthier hot chocolate in a snap 🙂

Easy, tasty Vegan Hot Chocolate




  1. I heated up the 3/4th cup of milk
    (Based on my trials, almond milk is the best) in the microwave till it was lukewarm
  2. In another cup, I mixed in little cold milk, 1 -2 tbsp of valrhona cocoa powder, couple dashes of cinnamon, coconut nectar as much as you like (I prefer this over agave), a dash of Himalayan pink salt, a pinch of cayenne, 1/4th tsp each of vanilla & peppermint extract (must for me, I like it minty)
  3. Then I mixed both the cups – Dhyan enjoyed at this point
  4. For me, I heated up once again after mixing, till it was really hot – that’s how I like it
  5. sprinkled cinnamon on top. Put 2-3 cacao nibs on cinnamon bed. These nibs are very bitter. Don’t overdo it.
  6. I floated in chocolate heaven 😀


One of the main reasons of starting this blog was to find raw vegan playmate(s) for my son. Please will you ping me if you are a raw vegan parent? BTW you don’t have to be a raw vegan or vegan to be my friend. You can wave a virtual HI & specify your location too.

Sending away my virtual hugs & looking forward to years of blogging & making great friends …


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