What does Dhyan need ….

Yesterday @ soccer class. Dhyan wasn’t joining in the warm-up exercises at the start of the class.

Me – (mommy tone) ‘Dhyan , if you don’t follow, I may not sign you up for more classes. Do you want to go home? ‘

D – resisting – ‘mmm. Lets go home’

Me – (realizing & tuning) – ‘Dhyan Dhyan shall we play together ?’

D – (smiling happily) – ‘yes yes lets play’

That’s it. My boy got through the class beautifully. He did it all. (sniffle)


I know Dhyan. He is a little gentleman – little as in physically not mentally! And he pleads & demands to be treated like one! He is smart, capable, resourceful, intellectual, a fast learner, independent, inquisitive,  expressive,patient, determined,persistent, observant, wild explorer. He hates & feels miserable when he is being yelled at or being forced into doing things or when he is being stopped from doing whatever he was doing or when he is not given attention to.

  • He doesn’t want a mother most of the time. He wants me to be his companion. He wants a supportive, trusting, cheering, smiling, loyal & loving aide .
  • He wants to be reasoned with – He doesn’t just want to be expected to follow orders.
  • He wants to decide or lead – he doesn’t want to be forced or manipulated
  • He wants a company in doing everything – jump with him. run with him . Play with him at least for a while. He plays on his own too
  • He wants me to look at his face. He is expressing his opinion about every damn thing. He wants a listener.
  • He understands – big time. Just talk to this great guy. Have a good chat
  • Don’t treat him like a little kid – treat him kindly & respectfully like a gentleman
  • Sometimes he just wants to be left alone – leave him be.

Dearest Dhyan, I understand you with all my heart but I still make mistakes. There is nothing else I would rather do than be your mother but I am struggling – not because I don’t know how or that you are a difficult kid, quite the contrary. You are showing me as clear as day what you need. Please forgive me and bear with me as I learn every day how to
Better myself to be a better mom for you than before. And please don’t lose or change yourself on anybody’s account not to mention mine. Dearest son, we are a team – lets do parenting together. I am a fool if I don’t use your expert help. love you mate. Sorry again. Hope you always know you mean the world to me.

Life is not a competition. If you think it’s a race, you will be only one running. Life is in the small moments. It is about finding your passions – acting crazy – finding love – staring into space – finding your way back – soul-searching .  Don’t rush or hinder toddlers or young kids. Just let them grow up at their own pace. They don’t have to live up to anyone’s beliefs or expectations. If they make mistakes smile and tell them ‘It’s okay!’. Its their life – let them do what they want with it. Make sure to tell them that –  ‘It’s their Life and Life is beautiful <3’

Let them be! Let them fly!


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