What we ate/did on 5/4/2017…

Before I start I just want to say that I am deeply humbled & exhilarated by all your likes & felt motivated to do another WWAD post for you guys. Thank you! I also want to say that writing feeds my soul – I wanna figure out what I am passionate about & write about that. I don’t wanna lose my readers or lose myself – I wanna strike a balance.  So what I am saying is you will be seeing more & more recipes & WWAD posts intermingled with random topics as I want to own my authentic,soulful side. BTW, I am not saying I am not liking what I am writing now . I think you got the gist – I will stop it here. Anyways, I was so impressed by the photography skills of few of you guys – Great job. So I climbed up the stool & grabbed our camera from the top shelf that was long forgotten & charged the battery. I don’t think I can use it all the time running after my toddler. But I am going to try.

D enjoying lemon rice

It was another beautiful day. I cant even imagine how I lived before Dhyan 🙂 My day revolves around him. As soon as he woke up, he demanded lemon rice. I obliged & gave him that along with a honest vit C Echinacea gummy. The latter is more like a candy to him – I don’t want to stop it as I don’t give him any other candies – may be I will figure out a even better alternative. Look at him bending down & adorably eating following my instructions – love you sweetheart ❤


Then it was fruits galore. 2 papayas, 1 avocado, 2 mangoes , 1 apple. We ate it all except for avocado. I cleaned the kitchen &  then we had a lot of fun – we did 2 TheDadlab experiments to produce some CO2 to put out candles & blow balloons. Chemistry lesson – Baking soda + Vinegar = CO2! Unfortunately, I didn’t have vinegar – I always have ACV . I used a little – I didn’t want to waste the good stuff. It worked perfectly. I was myself amazed at how the candle flames were put out and how I was able to transfer CO2 from one glass to another. But it was not enough to blow the balloons. So I decided to make a trip to Target that I was postponing for long. I turned on iRobot & left.

I was driving the wrong direction and thankfully I realized and used my GPS and reached target safely. We ate the avocado in the car before stepping out. I also carried a couple of small bananas & one brown lara bar & coconut water. We finished them all.

bananaTarget cart

Then once we were home, I started raking leaves in our drive way & trimming the overhanging branches. Dhyan was at the other end raking himself heeding to my orders since my end was closer to the road. He was beautifully raking , so I stopped what I was doing and videotaped him. You can check it out here – https://youtu.be/PCPXbOCdKBk

I realized weeds had started growing in my cucumber garden. It was close to Dhyan’s nap time – so I hurried & did the long overdue mulching weeding out the big growths. Then we came inside – he removed his pants by himself as I cheered – btw he removes his shoes and socks by himself most of the time – we bathed – he got a little cranky – I soothed him –  I made a cherry, kale & nutmeg smoothie . He enjoyed it & finished more lemon rice & we napped.


I had left over spicy kale soup. I ate it with chips & ran out of them. I bought more chips & also salsa from target. But I didn’t like them both #BadBuys. I should’ve just bought the same brand or kind that I liked. Lesson learnt. Have you ever felt so good after eating raw produce and so bad after munching some processed food? Even though I know better, I make mistakes sometimes especially when Dhyan is asleep 😉 I continued cleaning around the house & did some routine chores & moved iRobot around room after room. Will write about him – yes he is our pet 😉 – sometime. I went to the garage and used axe for the first time to make a funnel for the experiment – It was worth it!

After he woke up, he ate Ezekiel + CB + Nectar. I unplugged for an hour. We did the balloon experiment – wow he was so happy 🙂 I was too… I was struggling to click shots using the camera – I have to learn. Btw, Dhyan was staring at the new gadget – so cute:)

Then I sang Carnatic music for a short while. Then we did some juicing. It was so refreshing. It deserves a separate post. I will post tomorrow.

sago upma
Then he ate some cashews , munched half of another larabar & drank some hemp milk. I made sago upma and served it with kimchi. It was okay – not so great.

Anyways, I was tired and I slept with Dhyan. Hubby cleaned up the kitchen 🙂

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