Red capsicum curry


I had a couple of red bell peppers sitting in my refrigerator for a long while. I didn’t know what to do with it. I googled for a red capsicum masala and found this recipe – . It tasted delicious and went great with chapathis. This is the first time I am using Nigella seeds. I got a small packet from Amazon. I am glad I did.

If you know me, I never follow recipe as such. Also, we desired more flavor.  This is how I made it.

  1. Chop medium slices of deseeded bell peppers & onion. Finely chop few garlic pieces
  2. I heated oil in my stainless steel wok and added nigella seeds & garlic & one black cardamom and let them all infuse in the unrefined avocado oil in low flame.
  3. Then I added onions , bell peppers & red chili flakes and covered it and mixed it occasionally. Better to let it cook it in its own juices by staying away and not opening it up.
  4. When bell peppers are all cooked, I added tomatoes, salt, chilli powder, jaggery, garam masala, amchur powder.
  5. When tomatoes were done, I garnished with cilantro leaves.

I was surprised at how good it turned up to be. It was melting in the mouth  and went well with Indian flat bread.

Even with the addition of spices ,it was not super spicy and Dhyan ate it too mixed with VCO.


Let me know your thoughts ...

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