Remembering our humble servant, Sempuli …

Final design

Sempuli used to work for my dad.  He was a carefree, withdrawn man with hair that was not combed in ages. He will always have a tiny smile perched on his face. He only spoke rarely and few words at a time. I was attracted to his personality. I used to chat with him. He would walk or bike slowly  to carry out my dad’s orders. He most often will make small mistakes and dad will be lecturing him and he will still be smiling unheeding with no regrets 🙂  It was Sempuli who crudely introduced me to minimalism. He never even wore a shirt, just a small towel on his shoulders. He used to sleep in the porch of our dad’s shop. My dad gave him enough money but he didnt indulge in any material possessions. After he stopped working for my dad, I saw him on the streets after a long time,  he still looked blissful & oblivious, & beautiful as ever .

He only had one hobby. He was so passionate. He would store all the old newspapers away in my dad’s shop. He would be  working on the same paper art for hours together. Then he would let them dangle on a thread. He used glue too to attach the designs – I don’t remember exactly the specifics. BTW the designs were pretty good with a lot of nuances & indentations. It’s amazing, how he learned it – wondering what piqued his interest. Anyways, He taught me too.  Please see the pic below for steps.

Sempuli art

After the 5th step, put on your artist’s hat and work your scissors or any magic tools that you have, any way you like and slowly open it VIOLA!. This may look even better in color paper. Sorry this was not even close to what Sempuli can do. But you got the gist.

Can you make your own paper-arts following the steps and comment back with #SempuliArt? Show me your artistic side. Let’s honor this simple man. I am sure you will make great designs a lot better than my one-eyed alien 😉


Let me know your thoughts ...

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