What we ate/did on 5/1/2017

This morning Dhyan ate pancakes with coconut nectar & a honest gummy, reading alongside library books. Sorry no picture. Later, I took printouts about the rainbow formation and was explaining Dhyan – you can check it out here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atbZbbeE-2k

Then we ate jackfruit. We bought it from Indian store @ Irving. It was delicious. I threw the unwashed seeds into a small pressure cooker  and covered it with water & cooked for 2 whistles. After the pressure went down, I opened the cooker – discarded the top covering & served the seeds . The whole family loved it 🙂

Green Smoothie final

Then I made a green smoothie – Kale, hemp milk, ripe bananas, half of an avocado, cinnamon, spirulina, ACV. You can read all the details about my smoothie making here – https://youareenteringmymind.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/lets-make-you-a-smoothie/. He also ate some cashews. He loves munching on Organic, unsalted whole cashews from Costco.


Then we ate Ragi puttu (Steamed Finger millet cakes)  – another interesting find from the Indian store. This food is a Kerala state specialty. You need special equipment to steam it . I always wanted to try it. I was so happy to have found it in the prepared meals frozen section – “Anand Brand”. It was really good. The ingredients list were simple – Ragi flour, Grated coconut , Iodized salt & Purified water 🙂 We would buy it again for sure. What else did I buy @ Indian store – Dole Small size bananas, 3 packs of mangoes YUM!, white pumpkin, green chilies, dry red chilies, cilantro leaves, okra, poha, rice noodles, Another ANAND brand prepared meals- steamed sweet dumplings Yum!,  coriander powder, cumin powder & Kasoori methi (dry methi leaves) .  I use the last three in any Indian masala that I make along with amchur (dry mango) or anardana (dry pomegranate) powder.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we did some work in the yard. I did more trimming. Dhyan helped me collect all the trimmings 🙂 He was played in the dirt & with the rake. Carrot seedlings are here. They are so beautiful 🙂 Tomato seedlings have been growing too 🙂

Then we bathed. Had a quick snack – I think cashews & lara bar & napped. Dhyan took a short nap – I think for an hour.

After waking up, Dhyan enjoyed oatmeal. He added the toppings to his oatmeal himself.

I have started teaching him lowercase alphabets & also emphasizing on phonics – he knows uppercase like the back of the hand :p

Then hubby was here.Since I was feeling little under the weather, He made the dinner – Karan dosa 🙂 the recipe is here -https://youareenteringmymind.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/veggie-uthappam/. I was playing with Dhyan – I was letting him take the lead. He was so happy and was chatting and moving around the whole time. I was mesmerized and had goose bumps. It’s breathtaking watching a child grow up !

Then Dhyan had few cashews and drank hemp milk. I changed his to night diapers, read him to sleep 🙂 Another Beautiful day!

P.S.  different varieties of birds are visiting our bird feeder .its amazing to bird watch from home. You know if you have a hawk nest, it means you have a bird-friendly yard and we do 🙂


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