Let’s make you a smoothie ..

We make smoothie every day in our home. I used to make one big portion once a day- nowadays I make twice a day in single serve cups. Dhyan and I drink straight from the cup using a glass straw.

Dhyan eats his greens only by smoothies or juices. I don’t have a Vitamix and I had assumed its normal that my greens did not grind properly in my smoothie until Google helped me. Although its normal, you can make a Vitamix-quality smoothie – if you follow a few, simple steps.

Green smoothie

  1. Freeze your greens. Add a good chunk of frozen greens and liquid enough to cover it (we use hemp milk) and first grind it till the mixture turns green & smooth. You will be amazed – how it all has pureed well
  2. Second, now I add Spirulina and few drops of ACV. Adding powders first or at the end makes it stick to the blender. You don’t want to waste it. Even better mix it well with a spoon.
  3. Then I add 2 ripe bananas for a single serve cup . I try to use room temperature bananas, if they are over ripe I refrigerate them . Just in case, I also freeze bananas
  4. I also add good amount of cinnamon. Cinnamon is supposed to make the smoothie yummilicious
  5. Then I use whatever fruit at hand or in freezer – peaches, mangoes, cherries, avocado
  6. Then I add more hemp milk and blend it smooth.
  7. Enjoy!!!


You have to believe me , I don’t taste my greens at all. Please try kale, chard, spinach & many others. It is delicious & nutritious. It fills him up. He loves drinking from the straw. And he drinks a lot. I have to be careful that he does not spill it. Investing in something like this – https://www.amazon.com/Aladdin-Original-Insulated-Mason-Tumbler/dp/B00E0QOMF4 – will help a mommy and also will make the kids feel independent. I am considering it.

You know drinking from a straw is good for your teeth and even if the smoothie is too cold, you will still wont be feeling cold after drinking it – I thought it was awesome:)


Let me know your thoughts ...

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