Farmbox local, organic produce


I go crazy for raw fruits and veggies especially local, organic produce. We tried with a different co-op long back, we felt it was expensive and we also couldn’t customize it much, so we canceled the service. After coming to the current home, I was researching for a while on different co-ops & deliveries. As soon as I found FarmBox, I thought this was it.


We buy the biggest one – Large Farmbox once a month, which is 55 bucks. It doesn’t last us the entire month. We buy a lot from Costco, sometimes Target. Sprouts is close by, we buy there too. But there is something about fresh, local organic produce. It is the second best , first being growing your own organic produce 🙂

They have an amazing customer service. I ask a lot of questions ;p They always respond in time. And you are allowed to customize within the box before the cut-off time. There are restrictions on the quantity of shares available to substitute due to supply. But you can request by emailing them.

Just for fun, I compared Farmbox with Amazon fresh. BTW I love Amazon. I couldn’t find everything I want in organic. I just used the regular price. It came up to $37. Remember this does not include delivery fee or annual fee and neither the produce was fresh or local or all organic. Difference = $55 – $37 = $18 bucks. I am assuming this is reasonable, right ? Also there are no tips or delivery or other hidden fees.

I always look forward to my next box, to customize it & to try new veggies. May be in the future , I may opt for twice a month. But I love my Costco visits too. I will write about it sometime.

You can check them out @

P.S. They offer coupons from their website or groupon for the first delivery as much as 50% off 🙂 Don’t forget !


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