Potato mint sandwich



My dear friend Sucheta shared with me this recipe. We have been friends for years. She is passionate about cooking- you can imagine her tasting and working magic as she waltz around the kitchen – She could put together several courses for a group of people with so much ease that it always dumbfounds me. And the food always tastes great 🙂 She cooks a variety of food in different cuisines – Indian, mexican, american & italian.  We were neighbors once. I used to go to her home – she will cook for me , teach me how to cook , we will chat & eat happily , watch a movie 🙂 She will take care of me – She will patiently listen to me when I share stuff – love you a lot. I ask her a million questions again & again about the same recipe – she will always be happy to  assist , pass on her expertise – She is a genius! I remember this incident – once we were in Aubon pan and she was slowly chewing their black bean burger pattie trying to figure out what were the ingredients and after coming home , she made her own version – kind of awesome isnt it? She is long overdue to start a cooking blog. I have been telling her for a long time to start one. Sucheta, just do it – you will rock 🙂


Steps –

  1. First prepare thick mint chutney – Grind cilantro, mint, salt, green chilies, ginger, very little water into a smooth paste. Add lime later & mix. Make more 🙂
  2. Cook potato & mash (not puree – I left it chunky) and add garam masala, salt, turmeric, jaggery, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, oil, amchur powder – mix well
  3. Start your George foreman – Cook the potatoes till they turn golden. Also grill onions & tomatoes after spraying with oil, salt & pepper – latter cooks really fast.
  4. I toasted bread – I used Dave’s killer bread which was veganWesome:) Then I spread the chutney on both sides and added potato stuffing, onions, tomatoes & also cucumber.
  5. That’s it.
  6. EAT 🙂

Let me know your thoughts ...

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