What if your toddler misbehaves/ not listens to you…

I have so many things under control because of the comprehensive planning that I have been doing & I am loving it. This topic is something I am still very unhappy about … Most of the times its because I am tired or sleepy or mad at something or someone else. I even questioned in a couple of mom groups & googled regarding what to do . I got some cool advice.

I did a bit of journaling today – it was helpful – I am happy about how the day went & I love my awesome son – But I was getting mad quickly – he was just acting age appropriately. Since morning this has happened a couple times – he started throwing brush and was rubbing it on bath mirrors, when he mishandled library books, throwing toys, making noise by hitting phone,  hurt insects, roaming to all corners in the backyard, running in sidewalk, splashed everywhere bathtub water! Thinking about it now, I am wondering why I am finding it so hard.

To me

  • Wake up early before Dhyan – Keep phone alarm if possible. Brush & eat & start tasks*
  • Eat (plan & keep next meal ready) , Sleep a lot. Do naps too*
  • He is bored/ hungry/ sleepy/wants attention when he is acting out. Be nice.
  • Prepare him beforehand – ‘We are going to cross the road. We need to hold hands honey’
  • Distract  & Redirect
  • Ignore
  • Mommy timeout in the fence where he cannot get in – Move away when really IRRITATED. Stay until you calm down*
  • Tell him later why you didn’t like his behavior & tell him also what he should have done instead
  • Talk to him a lot – like a lottttt, looking at his eyes. Treat him like a friend. Keep talking . Have a good chat*
  •  Hold & Hug them often*
  • Never hit/yell/scare a child unless you want to teach them that “h/y/s is wrong unless you are bigger, older, or stronger – then it’s okay.” Treat them like you want to be treated.*
  • phone friends and let out to them if you are mad at something/someone. Get out!*
  • good distractions – read books on lap, listen to rhymes (audio)*
  • Use rhymes (videos) as a distraction – when you need some time alone – when he is not hungry or pooped or before or after his nap time or close to sleep time and limit the time or just play audios. Don’t use video to coerce him to brush or wash poop . It is not working out – I have stopped it long ago*
  • restart morning stroller jogs on good weather days in the neighborhood*
  • Don’t force anything *
  • Use belt when sitting on booster*
  • Only shower – no more bath*
  • Put fav toy in timeout
  • NAP must *


I am going to try to keep my cool and journal the power struggles & tantrums of Dhyan & how I handle it. Till I am at a place where I am happy and feel like I have figured it out, I think I will be journaling, googling, logging & stuff .


Stay with me.



Let me know your thoughts ...

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